Why the US is becoming China – arresting you for smoking pot

today’s nytimes had a disturbing headline – the FDA now officially claims that marajuana has no medical benefits. this comes on the heels of the supreme court’s recent decision that the federal government can arrest anyone using marajuana even in the 11 states that now approve it.

it just amazes me how similar the US is to china. both countries are ruled by conservative old regimes that are painfully out of touch with the needs and aspirations of their citizens. in both countries, the citizens naively believe that they can go on with their lives, pursuing their progressive goals – make money and have fun.

in both cases, there is the feeling of a vise slowly closing. in the US the conservatives have been playing a brilliantly patient chess game. with control of the supreme court and both houses they are in sight of the end game already. we can all see the last moves coming…

– abolish abortion…prosecute personal marajuana use…reinstitute the draft…checkmate…now they can throw any youth political movement challenging their authority in jail or at least draft them (arguable a worse fate).

its normal these days for people to tell me i should be careful what i say on my blog. implication – that i shouldnt risk pissing off the government lest i face the FBI, IRS, CIA. are they serious? i say fuck that and shame on them for being too cowardly to stand up for our rights. wow. our forefathers had to fight real wars and put their lives on the line. my peers are too concerned with their comfortable lives to even risk a bad tax return. what happened? maybe it’s easier to have resolve against an enemy you can see.

now i’m not saying i’m doing much about this, cause i know i’m not. but we all have to start somewhere and saying out loud and in public what we all know in our hearts and share in our homes is a good start. revolutions start when with small steps. what’s our equivalent of a tea party? how about the washington pot party? why dont we get a million of us to smoke pot on the lawn of the washington monument? would you do it or would you rather wait till they come for you and then ask your silent scared neighbors to help?

and how about our new ‘leaders’ like mark warner or barak obama? where’s the outcry? their silence on these and many more issues is deafening. how is it that we dont have one mainstream leader, dem or republican, that’s got the balls to stand up to this totalitarian regime? hmm…maybe it’s because they all work for the same donors as we learned from mr. abramoff. 

i for one look forward to the checkmate. lets see the government clamp down. go after those pot smoking liberals. throw a few goldman sachs i-bankers in jail along with some rabble rousing ivy league kids. hell, maybe they can even nab mark warner smoking a J on his farm. overthrow roe v wade and arrest some prominant young women on murder charges. then just wait for the kids to start protesting. oh yeah. it’s on. we’ve been waiting for you spoiled brats. maybe we can shoot a few and really shut you up….

only then will we see the everyone wake up. and then we will finally see the revolution that has been 14 years in the making. we will see real leaders emerge with real missions (to replace these hollow stick figures). there wont be room for apeasement in the midst of all out warfare. and we ants, armed with the internet will triumph.

here’s my questions to those of you loony enough to still be reading this.

1. do you agree that we have a corrupt government that no longer represents the people?

2. if so, are you doing anything about it? why not?

3. would you fight if there was a clear path?

4. why is your voice silent? why arent you joining me in this fight?

finally, i am launching a web based political party – the ant party. (you will find it antparty.org once matt puts it up.)  i hope you will help me make this a reality. it’s my attempt to fight back the only way i know how.  the idea is user generated politics. the idea is that we the people should set the agenda and pick the candidates and those people should be elected without selling their souls. i dont know if this is a good idea, and feel confident already that we arent getting the site right. so help us! we need people to think through the details of how the party should work, of site layout/UI.

7 thoughts on “Why the US is becoming China – arresting you for smoking pot

  1. 1) No
    2) N/A
    3) No
    4) It’s not silent, I simply disagree.
    You mention 3 issues – abortion, pot and the draft. Are these the issues of our time? Are these issues the focus of a government conspiracy to control your ideas and keep you silent? Your right to smoke pot? Come on, dude. Seriously.
    Abortion? So if society bans it, you’ll have to either break the law or have the unwanted the child. So how is this a conspiracy to control you?
    The Draft? If you really want to avoid the draft bad enough, you can. There’s always been a provision for religious or moral grounds. And that was 60 years ago.
    Maybe I need to smoke more pot and I might understand why you’re so upset.
    Comparing the US to China is a little extreme. Go hang out there and write “fuck the government” in your blog. Keep doing it and then stage a pot protest there with your buddies. See how that goes.

  2. Great post, Mark! I agree. But too many of us are too consumed by consumerism and don’t want to rock our nice little boat floating on a sea of chardonnay and pinot noir. We like the good life and the politicians know it. But if we dont all wake up soon we will be like the people in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis….
    I would vote for you…. but I live in Australia. Nevertheless put me down as a member!

  3. Mark, well said here. I was wondering if you would throw in a comment on V for Vendetta in your blog at some point, and this almost gets there. I assume you have seen it? If not, see it in the theaters for the full impact.
    I especially liked how V did not become overly stylized and thus managed to keep the core idea, that of revolution, at the center, instead of being mistaken for an action or Wachowski thriller movie.
    It begs the same question that you pose here in this posting.

  4. I agree with all your points. Things like marijuana legalization (at the Federal level) seem impossible to achieve. Even though many of the baby boomers tried it, they have no reason to legalize it now. Most twentysomething’s are apathetic or capitalists, and don’t have time for voting or starting movements.
    I wrote a pro-legalization screenplay disguised as a children’s story. Something like that (as Arthur Miller’s The Crucible did to McCarthyism) would help, though most people still probably wouldn’t care anyway.

  5. okay, mark, listen to this, im a active citizen here in the U.S., but i smoke pot. now if i get caught smoking marijuana, all the hype about my active citizenship goes away because im a “bad person” now….ive smoked pot this whole time, and i was an “outstanding” citizen…until i got caught….so is pot that bad really? i mean, i worked for the government for quite some time, i made my way up, and i smoked pot throughout it all…now i dont have anything to show for it because now im a bad guy cause i smoke pot…what they say is i screwed up my life…what they dont know is tht when i was doing great i was high the whole time….so is pot really that bad…or is it just the government not wanting people to realize how NOT BAD marijuana is…ITS A FUCKING PLANT NOT A STEROID….which they sell legally over here in this “amazing” country of ours! you agree i hope, it just makes me mad when the government doesnt want people to know the truth…wait, let me rephrase that, when GEORGE W. MOTHERFUCKING BUSH doesnt want us to know the truth………….LEGALIZE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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