flock makes bad decision to go with yahoo search

i’ve been playing with the new flock browser lately and like some of its inline features. however, i think it’s pretty lame that  flock makes yahoo search the default. companies have to decide whether they are user driven or business driven or both. choosing an inferior search engine just for the business deal seems to be pretty strong indicator.


3 thoughts on “flock makes bad decision to go with yahoo search

  1. Do you really notice a significant difference using Google vs. Yahoo search tools? In my expereince the results are only slightly different and they seem be just that… different, not better or worse. Maybe there is something about Google that I just don’t understand.

  2. Mark, appreciate the feedback. However, I just want to counter that this decision was driven by more than just search. As you know, we integrate del.icio.us, Flickr, maps, and other Yahoo properties. Ultimately, we went with Yahoo because of the responsiveness of the company as a whole to provide us the feedback and APIs that we needed. They also have some cool things coming up that I cannot discuss. Google would have been a great partner as well, but Yahoo’s initiatives seemed to map more closely with our roadmap. I hope you have a chance to try out our public beta in mid May. Cheers, Geoffrey

  3. Hi Mark,
    I think Geoffrey’s substantive response will show up shortly, but I also wanted to point out that changing the default search engine in Flock is very simple. In 0.5.x just click on the little arrow next to the Yahoo icon and choose your preferred search provider.
    And stay tuned: in our next release we’ve got some cool tricks up our sleeve for the search box.

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