typepad wont let me show more than 10 posts on sidebar

i was told by typepad customer support that they restrict users’ ability to show past posts on front page. i think it was something about server capacity. yet another reason why i should get off my lazy ass and lose the dependent relationship. i think this will become a bigger issue going forward – having our digital lives in the hands of for profit companies. it’s kind of like the healthcare system – misaligned incentives. we would all ‘host’ our own healthcare if we could too.

here is the response from customer support…

Hi Mark,

Are you using a lastn statement to create this list?

If so, to help with performance and stability, the behavior for the lastn="x" statement has been altered so that it displays only Posts and Comments from the last 30 days. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

can someone help me move my blog off typepad? i know you get slammed on your google ranking and have to redirect your feed subscribers but who really cares. i want to host my own life. and what happens when and if you stop blogging? we have to keep paying 14.95 a month or lose it all? have any of you moved from typepad? advice?

5 thoughts on “typepad wont let me show more than 10 posts on sidebar

  1. I haven’t tried it, but you should be able to export your Typepad blog to Movable Type export format. You can then install MT on your own domain and import from those files. Other blogging systems, like WordPress, support MT export format also.

  2. I haven’t moved, but use blogger. It displays the posts from the past month on the front page as well as an achive of the months and years preceding listed on the right.

  3. “can someone help me move my blog off typepad?”
    Sure. Do you have hosting somewhere? If not, I recommend DreamHost (I’m also a DH customer):
    Yes, it’s an affiliate link … 🙂
    Do you want to continue using Movable Type, or would you also want to move to WordPress?
    Email me (dossy@panoptic.com) or IM me (AIM: DossyNJ, Y!IM: dossy) and I’d be glad to help you move.

  4. Hey, Typepad…

    The software this blog and millions of other blogs use to publish is Typepad, run by Six Apart, based on its Movable Type platform. In more than two years, I have few complaints – especially as an erstwhile analyst/commentator whose

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