lala – bill nguyen’s latest

my old friend and startup compatriot bill nguyen is at it again with a new music sharing service called lala. i havent tried it yet, but the concept sounds really clever. lala sounds like netflix for music and takes advantage of the fact that we can all legally sell or trade used cd’s. basically, it sounds like i can rip all my cd’s and then send them in to lala and get a whole new batch sent back. this sounds like something that could be very popular with teens and twenty somethings.

bill has a terrific track record and is backed with $9 million from bain and ignition. nice way to launch a company. bill has a nack for ui so i’ll be excited to play with his newest app. 

5 thoughts on “lala – bill nguyen’s latest

  1. I don’t think you are suppose to rip the CD and send it back to LaLa. Think the site tells people they must delete the songs they put on their computer after they send their CD back out.

  2. If you really think about it LaLa may not be such a smart idea. I can see that it is an original idea and therefore able to get the early funding that is easy if you have a name.
    But does it not show that Bill is missing the macro move in the record industry? Looking at the 12-17 year olds who are what music will be, the whole process of discovery has moved away from record company A&R (thank God) to the artist on the internet. Likewise the whole CD package is moving to one-at-a-time song downloads for the new teenager.
    So who is going to swap their CDs for a $1? …and with LaLa paying for the shipping materials, and the cost of getting those to you?
    Conclusion – There are some much better ideas out there.

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