Add more classifieds players – Msft, edgeio and blogbuy

here’s my take.

Msft – Pros:
winning in classifieds is about abundance first and msft is one of the
few companies that has a chance of getting there fast. also, they stuck
with a very clean interface that is easy to follow and lends some
credibility. Cons: there is
some garbled language about this being social and doing things through
‘your buddies’. who says ‘buddies’? sounds like something my dad would
say. i didnt get why or how anyone would ever connect with their
‘buddies’ on this site.

i’ll say this again here, if any of these big walled gardens would
ever bother to do something in the interest of their users they’d start
working on connecting everyone’s social maps (foafnet) so that they
could seamlessly and implicitly connect us all with our ‘buddies’. and
guys, it’s no longer a big selling point that users can do all this for
free!! they know that.

edgeio – this one goes in
the category of new sites and services that i totally dont get. other
than the people going to these web 2.0 conferences, i’m not sure who
cares about ‘owning their data’ which seems to be the premise behind
all of us posting our listings to our blogs. and when one thinks of the
scale of listings it will take before you get a viable marketplace in
any category and locality, we see why it’s taken 10 yrs for craig to be craig. also, oodle already aggregates a ton and it doesnt sound
like they’re building huge traffic so far either. and once people ever
did post to their blog, what’s stopping everyone else from scraping it
all too?

blogbuy?  huh? they’re just
focused on letting us post listings to our blogs? these seem like
services looking for problems. i dont know anyone who woke up and asked
how they could post a better listing to their blog today.

nuff said. i applaud all attempts as they do move the ball forward
and i’ve obviously been a believer in classifieds for a long time. i
just dont see the breakthrough with any of these services.

waiting to see a big guy step up and start connecting our
disconnected data silos. suck in my social maps from many places and
then make that useful. if you’re just doing plain old classifieds i’ll
stick with my craigslist.

2 thoughts on “Add more classifieds players – Msft, edgeio and blogbuy

  1. Hi Mark
    I’m pleased you “don’t get” edgeio. One less competitor to worry about :-).
    But I’d love a chance to persuade you of the error of your ways. Might even pony up for lunch :-).

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