Tony robbins’ heroic speach at TED

Tony robbins gave the most inspired presentation of the week and in a truly heroic moment told al gore what so many of us have thought but would never say – that if al had ran for president with the passion he exhibits in his fight against global warming he would have won.

Tony robbins is an impressive man and a real leader and I’m someone who previously thought he was a cheesy infomercial peddling guy in hawaiin shirts. I will definitely go to one of his events. Clear we can all learn a lot from him about our own growth and transformation. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

5 thoughts on “Tony robbins’ heroic speach at TED

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  2. I have been to two Tony Robbins events: Unlease The Power Within where I walked across hot coals and Date with Destiny where I got much more clear on what my life needs are priorities are. I am leaving Tuesday for Life Mastery at the Namale Resort in Savu Savu, Fiji. It’s a six day fast (scary!) and deep dive into life plans. I know Tony made a ton of dough off his infomercials but I think they’ve eroded his brand too much. He is a truly caring and insightful man and won’t be doing his work forever. I encourage you to attend UPW asap! Especially since he offered it free to Tedsters.

  3. I have also been to several Tony Robbins events and also attended seminars of many other speakers. I have to say that a Tony Robbins seminar will basically change your entire outlook on life. You will likely walk away with a whole new direction.
    I attended UPW in 2003 in Sydney, which is the same one that actor Anthony Hopkins attended. Before the event I had planned a seminar of my own to be conducted at the gym where I worked as a personal trainer. My seminar was booked for after UPW and I muct say that Tony’s delivery and standard of presentation revolutionised the way I ran seminars.
    Now I run seminars on personal development, human potential etc. I use a very dynamic style that is similar to Tony’s after being inspired by the effectiveness of his method of teaching.
    After experiencing a seminar like this, your life will never be the same again. There is one caveat (warning) I should mention though; you absolutely need to take personal responsibility for the results you achieve or lack there of. Don’t place all your faith in the seminar or in Tony, he will provide the tools and strategies but you won’t be running on autopilot without having to give your all. The more you put into the event and “play full out” as Tony puts it, the more you get back.
    I too saw the TED talk posted on the internet, it was truly amazing for him to get such an empowering message across within just over 20 minutes. When I am booked for a speaking engagement that is 20 mins long, I find it hard to stick to only 20 minutes while still getting my message across effectively. I suppose Tony would have the same problem because he has so much to say, which is why I believe he did such an outstanding 20 minute talk.
    Chris Lyons.

  4. I’ve listened to “Awaken the Giant Within” and seen Tony’s castle on the hill above Malibu. He’s certainly been successful and inspiring…and given his line of work, it’s been impressive how he’s kept a pretty good reputation too.

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