Al gore’s global warming pitch

Al gore gave his intense, impassioned pitch to wake up to global warming last night at TED. First, you should all see this which you can do when his film comes out in a few weeks.

He showed a mountain of proof that we are experiencing warming at an increasing rate and projects 45 yrs until we hit a critical threshold and 10 yrs that we can still hope to stop and reverse.

My only complaint which seemed to be shared by others here is that he stops short of a clear call to action. He says we could solve this easily. Well al, how? We should all fight this. How?

I walked away more frustrated than inspired. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

5 thoughts on “Al gore’s global warming pitch

  1. Al Gore and his religion of “Global Warming” is a crock. If you want the real facts, which shoot holes in the alarmist predictions, check out this website:
    Gore once said that the greatest threat to America is global warming. Jay Leno replied, yeah, unless the terrorists happen to be on the same plane as you!

  2. A Crock? hrmm… that sounds a little extreme, let’s do a page visit to the world climate report.
    Oh, its run by this guy:
    Well, that raised a small flag w/ regards to credibility, what else can I google:
    I’ll let overwhelming dominance of scientists who are not in the back pocket of oil companies shape my opinion on the global warming matter.
    With a dominance of conservatives running the country, I am curious as to why the lack of interest in taking a conservative approach – better to error on the side of caution.
    My 2 cents. Apologies to this blog in advance if this does start a flame war…. but I couldn’t let this one go.

  3. Hey Peter, couldn’t you at least get some credible sources in your attempt to foist off the global warming myth on the rest of us?
    Of course not!
    There are none…:lol:

  4. Ok,
    So you’ve decided not to listen to the scientists who are in the back pocket of the oil companies spending millions of dollars and instead listen to the scientists who are in the back pocket of multi-billion dollar government research projects — who by the way lose their funding if the reason for the research disappears. Are you not aware that US alone intends to spend 4.5 Billion dollars to fight global climate change.
    And you thought the oil companies pockets were deep?

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