Schmoozing at TED conference

I went to the google pre dinner last night where sergey announced that this guy larry brilliant will be running Apparently, he won’t the TED prize and eradicated smallpox. Howd you like to have that for an answe to ‘what do you do?’?

I got to talk to al gore who I pitched on my eparty idea. I can safely say he won’t be participating in that one.

I also got to hang out with laurence bender who produced the al gore film and in another embarassing moment I asked him ‘what else?’ To which he rattled off goodwill hunting, pulp fiction and kill bill. Guess I should have known that. I pitched him on my new movie idea and he seemed neutral which was a lot better than I did with al.

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2 thoughts on “Schmoozing at TED conference

  1. I can parallell that. I asked Matt Groening exactly what DID a producer and/or executive producer do?
    He very politely explained it to me, kinda.
    I no NOTHING about the movie business. I’m a geek girl.
    I did like Larry Bender’s grey velvet blazer though. Man, that was HOT.

  2. I need to get myself a Ted invite one of these days! Closest I came was getting invited to the American Academy of Achievement in high school and getting to meet and mingle with heaps o’ celebrities, politicians, authors, etc.

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