testing performancing

based on fred’s rave review i’m giving this a try to see if it can solve my occasional typepad post losses. the installation process was not that intuitive as it appears they require flock and you have to somehow know to find an icon in the bottom right hand side of your browser. also it sounds like the app may let you do marc canter’s ‘blog this’ but i cant find that feature yet either. wondering why they could reside in the top toolbar?

also would have been nice if there were an easier way to add tags as typepad still doesnt make this easy. too painful to create new categories when i just want to tag.

One thought on “testing performancing

  1. Mark, they don’t require flock at all. In fact they got labeled the “flock-killer”: if you have Performancing on your FF, why get Flock? Flock is flocked:-) because of PFF.
    Click on “publishing options” that will allow you to enter tags for both Technorati and Del.icio.us.
    The Category -> tag concept was a flawed one anyway. Categories are broad, general, they make sense in the context of your own blog, but are not descriptive / granular enough to be tags.

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