update on dr macdonald case – person claiming to be fellow inmate

[beware as i dont know if this is true but i am reposting it as it is important if true.]

I spent nearly two yrs. w/ Jeff MacDonald at FCI Victorville (circa 2001-2003) & grew quite close to him. Like most people, I originally leaned towad the idea that he was guilty, hwr, after reading nearly EVERYTHING I could about the case & dirctly confronting Jeff on some of the issues, I’m firmly conviced that he’s absolutely innocent & the victim of a miscarriage of justice unequelled in our history.

During my nearly 9 yrs. in fed. prison I met (& even celled) w/ many notorious murderers, many of whom fiercely protested their innocence. Many of these were white collar professional types very skilled at manipulating & deceiving people. Hwr, no matter how good they were at this there was always some sort of personality quirk that eventually manifested itself affording a look into the person & showing that they actually had it in them to do the crime. I spent more time w/ Jeff than I ever did any of these others & I NEVER saw that in him. Despite all the horrors he’s experienced, he remains the kind of person he always was kind, generous, funny, and above all, generous with his time in order to help others (I worked w/ him helping several limited English speaking inmates obtain badly needed medical treatment that the BOP was denying).

In closing, I couldn’t be more happy for Jeff & Kathy & just hope that he can release on an appeal bond ASAP.

Mike Koselka

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