Newest box office bad guy – the US

The nytimes has a story about an anti american film breaking box office records in turkey, “Valley of the wolves – iraq”. This is strange on a few levels.

First, my old classmate, billy zane, is the lead bad guy – the leader of occupational forces. Its hard to believe billy or any american actor would take the part. American stars regularly do cheesy commercials in japan. So maybe billy figured it wouldn’t hurt his career. He rationalized this as an anti war film too.

Gary busey also plays a jewish american doctor who exports iraqi organs to ny and israel. How could he be stupid enough to play such an obviously anti semitic role, spreading horrible propoganda?

It seems that the US has now taken the role from russia as the evil occupying power. We will have to get used to this. In jarecki’s doc “we we fight” richard pearl says that we may change administrations but the impact of iraq will not be changed. He was right. It will cost more than the war for us to ever change world opinion again.

One last interesting note from the story is that in addition to anti american books, ‘mein kompf’ was one of turkey’s best sellers last year. Why does anti semitism always mix so well with western hatred? “America is evil…let’s kill the jews” Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

8 thoughts on “Newest box office bad guy – the US

  1. Hey Mark,
    > Gary busey also plays a jewish american doctor who exports iraqi organs to ny and israel. How could he be stupid enough to play such an obviously anti semitic role, spreading horrible propoganda?
    I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there.
    I’m trying to think of a similar example from a different context.
    Would it be stupid for an actor to play a German neo-nazi? Not sure if that fits exactly.
    Sorry.. just realizing that maybe you were being sarcastic. But think of Ed Norton’s character in American History X. Would you fault Norton for that?

  2. What shocks me is the liberal bent of most of my Jewish friends. Russian communism and German socialism (Nazi = National Socialst Party) killed so many jews and drove so many more out of the respective countries. Then we repeatedly see that the great appeasers–Carter and Clinton–just fueled Islamofaciscm. Now Gore is adding further fuel to the fire by telling Arabs that America arbitrarily rounds up Arabs and throws them in jail under terrible conditions. Now the left leaning Hollywood folks make America hating films…It just shocks me that so many American Jews lean to the left. Any insight Mark?

  3. America is Israel’s strongest ally politically, and the are the biggest recipient of US foreign aid.
    I’m not trying to justify the mixing of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism, just pointing out a fact.

  4. Shanti – don’t be silly. Edward Norton played a neo-nazi who learned the error of his ways. American Hostory X was an anti-skinhead movie and depicted how shallow and small minded hate can be.
    Mark is describing a movie that unapologetically tells a story of Jews coaxing the US to invade Iraq so that we (the bloodthirsty jews) can steal their organs and oil. That type of movie is no better than the midieval prejudice that Jews are born with horns and bake the blood of non-jewish babies into passover matzoh.
    As for you Thumbster – just because the world uses us as scapegoats does not lower us to their level. Jews cherish the mind – education, family and tradition. Nothing that the world throws at us is going to turn us into a bunch of ignorant gun blazing texans.

  5. Vermut, I never suggested you turn into gun blazing Texans. I merely point out that the left is selling out Jews and Jewish causes, and yet, as a group, the Jews seem largely complicit. BTW, I am asking for insight, not invective. I don’t see what your comment adds to the discussion.

  6. vermut –
    So … Edward Norton shouldn’t have played the role if the movie had a different ending and different message for some?
    I’ve never even heard of this film, so sorry if I’m way off base in this case.
    Just saying… *in general* actors should not simply avoid roles for the sole reason that they would be portraying despicable characters.

  7. the point that i think vermut is making and you guys arent getting is not whether an actor should portray an evil person but whether an actor should participate in a film that promotes propoganda.
    i believe this goes all the way back to Leni Riefenstahl, who made horrible propoganda films for hitler. she was also considered a great film maker but was denounced for it. see for fuller discussion.
    there is nothing wrong with an oscar performance as hitler. but if the actor was portraying hitler as a great savior and spreading untruths, they would be viewed as unethical.

  8. maybe that is busey feels.. don’t know don’t care. sounds like the movie floped here .
    the best way to protest a film you find offencive or in this case absurd. is to ignore them.

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