if you cant bring muhamed to the mountain…

[disclaimer: these photos were forwarded by a friend and i cant verify whether they’re truth or fiction as it is hard to imagine.]

if these photos are true – supposedly depicting an indoor ski arena in dubai, they represent the careless way one country is squandering its oil wealth. what’s the line about ‘if you cant bring muhamed to the mountain…"

Dubai_inside_a Dubai_inside Dubai_outside

18 thoughts on “if you cant bring muhamed to the mountain…

  1. I’m not sure if it’s carelss exactly. They have the money, they’re surely not putting themselves in the poorhouse building it. I’ll wager the facility is a money maker.
    Heh. Look at it this way; it’s foreshowing a future on Mars …

  2. Actually, Mark, if the readings i’ve done on the subject are correct, Dubai is one of the few countries with oil wealth that is actually planning for when their oil wealth disappates, and they have to create value using other ways…namely: services.
    Dubai is seeking to make itself the financial center for the area, creating a stock market that is halfway between the London Stock Exchange and the Japanese Stock Market, forming a tech hub in the region, with MSFT, DELL, and INTC already present, and lastly, positioning themselves as the airline hub (with Emirates airlines being underwritten by the government to this end) for travel between Europe and the near and far east.
    Skiing in the desert may be odd, but no odder than, for example, Disneyland in California. Tourism is an industry that people will pay for, and the novelty of playing with snow is a compelling one, and the alternative is flying to Austria…which, despite Emirates’ Airline’s subsidies by the government, would likely be really expensive.

  3. Its usually a mistake to rush to judgement. The comment by Pete Kazanjjy is probably closer to the reality of the situation. Dubai now hosts horse races, air shows, and the first F1 race of the season. What appears foolish may actually be wise.

  4. if you find that excesive…wait till you see the island they are building. it is shaped like a palm tree not sure of the scale but it will be home to many large luxery hotels

  5. perhaps these wealthy arabs can support their fellow palestinian arabs instead of squander their wealth on themselves, we know that will never happen, the US and Europe will waste their money instead

  6. I look at these photos and think, Hmmm, $2.79 a gallon, THAT’s where all my money is going!

  7. Hi Mark,
    Your use of the term “squandering” indicates that you’ve jumped to the conclusion that the enterprize is not a profitable one. Or is it that you have you done past research that indicates this?

  8. Actually Dubai does not have “oil wealth”, their neighbors have the actual oil deposits. Which is why Dubai, has chosen to turn their area in the largest ME vacation destination area.

  9. if you think this is odd, you should check out the other senseless stuff they are building. ie, personal manmade islands that form a map of the world off their coast! interesting stuff on on godubai. check it out.

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