Is internet video ready for prime time?

I’ve been playing with video a lot more recently and was hopeful that I could add inline video clips to my blog similar to flickr pix. So far its been a long arduous experience.

My girlfriend, mo, got me a pocket video camera for chanukah and by now I’ve amassed around 30 clips ranging from 2-10 mins and 3-75 megs.

The first problem is the camera records to an ‘.asf’ format which is only readable on my pc so I can’t access the more user friendly mac software. I’ve downloaded programs that allow editing and conversion with very bad results so far.

The next problem has been uploading which doesn’t seem to work with the asf format.

I’m curious whether any of you have had better experiences with video. Also, what are you videotaping? For me its been covering new yrs and my friend’s 40th. Are you video’ing for your own use or with intent to publish?

I’ve been wondering where all this video will go? That is how will avg people create it or for what purpose. It takes a lot more effort and thought than blogging. And talking heads are boring so I’m not believing we’ll all become v casters.

Also, I don’t see the world getting excited about everyones home videos. No, I see potential for something more like flickr.

Could a community come together to share and tag video clips that could be used in similar ways to flickr?

I ‘clip’ my hotel or visit to nairobi so others can use it to make travel decisions? I ‘clip’ a political candidate, restuarant, museum.

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3 thoughts on “Is internet video ready for prime time?

  1. Hi Mark,
    I feel like you just served me up an alley-oop pass. 🙂
    Check out vSocial ( In three and a half months we we have gone from O to 60M monthly page views, 1M daily videos served and over 250K unique visitors a day.
    Not only does the site rock from the perspective of making the upload, comment, rate and share process brain dead simple, but we have put a lot of energy into providing web based tools that allow you to actually “do something” with the video once you get the clip up on the service.
    One such tool, called a video roll, allows you to create your own video program using a compilation of multiple clips, and the service is specifically designed to enhance user blogs, community pages and small to medium sized businesses’ web sites.
    In fact, today we just announced AdPlayer, which makes it very easy to create branded, interactive video ads from uploaded video content.
    I have taken up ample space, but if want to double click deeper, check out vSocial and also visit my blog, The Network Garden (, which captures the thesis behind all of this.
    Mark Sigal

  2. Mark —
    That’s why I only record video with my digital Canon camera which does it in native quicktime — that way it all just works. You can find digital cameras that record in QT and then you don’t deal with any of this stuff.

  3. Mark,
    The whole point about the ASF format is making sure consumers don’t become producers and they can’t extract value from the information they acquire. (value other than that Microsoft and their licencees are willing to give you, further narrowing the scope of copyright law through patents, effectively reducing your constitutional rights)
    Just one of the thousand cases:
    And you thought you could use your domestic videos for your own personal purposes ?

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