fred wilson’s state of the union…

i missed bush’s state of the union (thinking i didnt miss much) but managed to catch one posted by fred wilson. i applaud fred’s courage of late in standing up and being counted as one of the few people in our industry willing to take a stand.

fred’s not too happy with the state of our union these days and he worries he might be alone. fred, your voice may be a minority but your sentiment is not.

we need to work to find our collective voice, the common ground where republican, democrat and independent can join forces. i believe it’s in our desire to reform our government. this system isnt working and we need to fight to fix it or watch it slowly disolve.

when our congress regularly admits to taking bribes; when our president says its ok to wiretap and torture; when the populace accepts voting for the lesser of two evils as normal, it’s time for all of us to stop editing and start doing.

thank you fred. you have built a career on being ahead of the pack, so i fully expect the pack to follow.

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