Hilary/condie the new first ladies?

My girlfriend, mo (www.mosworldmblogspot.com), tells me the rumor around washington is that hilary and condie rice are both gay.

This raises interesting questions…

* why hasn’t this been reported anywhere? Mo thinks reporters are afraid of losing access.

* if its not true will one or both sue me and other bloggers for defamation and how will the gay community feel about that?

* if it is true, it would mean we have two presidential candidates who are grossly misrepresenting themselves (well at least hilary). But that’s been the case with male candidates, from jfk to clinton, so why not this odd twist? But still, its always bothered me that hilary and bill have pretended to be a normal married couple when they’re so not. Its patronizing, like we kids can’t handle the truth.

We need authenticity and that means brutal honesty from our leaders. Instead we just get more corporate BS. We need leaders that can regain the moral high ground and this isn’t the way.

* course I have to ask about the possibility of a hilary/condie relationship. This might mean that either way they both become the first ladies on so many new levels.
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4 thoughts on “Hilary/condie the new first ladies?

  1. I’ve heard the Hilary rumor for a long while now and that it is te main reason she didn’t really get mad at Bill for cheating all the time. He just isn’t as discreet as she is.

  2. Dr. Rice has professed any sexual preference in the public? Naturally I’ve heard rumors about both but I hadn’t realized that Dr. Rice had ever claimed to be heterosexual.

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