Can both sides work together to fight washington?

i got some great comments on my ‘war on washington’ post.

one in particular was striking gold for me.  don ryan, an ordained minister in ohio, sent the following…


I am an ordained minister on the right end of the conservative spectrum but I completely agree with you. The system is broken and there is plenty of blame on both sides. I don’t know if term limits is the answer but it’s gotten so bad I find myself tuning out all together. That however, will not fix the problem. Conservatives and liberals alike need to engage in a civilized dialog about fixing the problems and then let’s debate ideas. Love your blog! BTW- I live in Bob Ney’s district (OH-18) so I have an acute understanding of corruption in Congress.

you have all also made it clear that i will get a lot further with a positive message than just a lot of whining. i will do my best to channel my frustrations into more constructive ideas on how we come together; and into policies and platforms that will improve the sytem by enabling more people to participate in real ways that go beyond just voting.

my (there’s not site there yet!) will be an attempt at this. i hope to build a web based system that can be used by candidates to run campaigns and their constituents to have an ongoing voice in setting platform agendas and even picking new candidates. i hope candidates will be able to use this platform to create viral campaigns, raise money and as a way to give mass numbers of constituents a real voice in their campaigns and more importantly in the way they govern after winning. [stay tuned!]

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