Update on Dr. Macdonald’s case of potential false imprisonment

one of my readers was kind enough to forward this update on the case…

“The 4th Circut Court of Appeal approved the motion today! This is indeed a great day for Jeffrey and Kathyrn MacDonald and especially for the justice system. The courts did the RIGHT thing! Kudos to Mr Britt and especially to the new defense team for their excellent work!

Now the defense will finally be able to present all the suppressed evidence in a court of law!

And then, we just have to hope Judge Fox is a fair and honest man..since he will be the one making the decision on whether or not to let Jeffrey go home…after being presented with all this new evidence that was not available at the time of the trial.

It’s time for Judge Fox to do the right thing too!

Be fair and just and let an innocent man go home!”

16 thoughts on “Update on Dr. Macdonald’s case of potential false imprisonment

  1. I was a Green Beret doctor at the same time Jeff was at Ft. Bragg. I knew him then and after I got back from Viet Nam I met him several times in LA as I was an ER doc when he was an ER doc in Long Beach. Lot of interesting stories. Did he do it? He told me he didn’t and I believed him. But later found out he didn’t tell me the whole story. Another doc and good friend was there with me and he knew him also.. He felt he was guilty from the get go. He had a puncture wound to the right lung. Great place if you want to survive and make it look like you were at risk of dying. A little to neat. A friend of Jeffs (a officer in the MSC} had talked with Jeff and told me Jeff had talked with him about the Tate murders after reading the Esquire article. When I read the book about the murders they said the magazine was on the table in Jeffs house. But what Jeff told him about the article convinced him (the MSC officer) that Jeff was guilty. So how do you know that an innocent man was convicted? Dont be selective in those versions you believe are the truth just because it fits your preconceptions.

  2. The blood evidence at the crime scene prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jeff MacDonald is guilty of brutally slaying his wife & children.
    He is a psychopath who is obviously very convincing to those who have no understanding of how a psychopath operates. They can be very deceiving. However, it is plain as day that even by some of his own comments, he committed these crimes.
    He is a SELF-centered, SELF-preserving person who will kill again if he’s ever released.
    I sure wouldn’t want him living next door to me!!!!
    Thanks for listening!

  3. I’m a paralegal from Alabama and I’ve been studying Dr. MacDonald case from the very beginning. He is not guilty and should have never been tried. Blackburn should have filed nolle prosequi, because there was not
    any inculpatory evidence to convict,all the evidenve was exculpatory which was with held from Dr. MacDonald and his legal team.
    Ihope he will be exonerated so that he and Kathryn can have a wonderful life together.

  4. I spent nearly two yrs. w/ Jeff MacDonald at FCI Victorville (circa 2001-2003) & grew quite close to him. Like most people, I originally leaned towad the idea that he was guilty, hwr, after reading nearly EVERYTHING I could about the case & dirctly confronting Jeff on some of the issues, I’m firmly conviced that he’s absolutely innocent & the victim of a miscarriage of justice unequelled in our history.
    During my nearly 9 yrs. in fed. prison I met (& even celled) w/ many notorious murderers, many of whom fiercely protested their innocence. Many of these were white collar professional types very skilled at manipulating & deceiving people. Hwr, no matter how good they were at this there was always some sort of personality quirk that eventually manifested itself affording a look into the person & showing that they actually had it in them to do the crime. I spent more time w/ Jeff than I ever did any of these others & I NEVER saw that in him. Despite all the horrors he’s experienced, he remains the kind of person he always was kind, generous, funny, and above all, generous with his time in order to help others (I worked w/ him helping several limited English speaking inmates obtain badly needed medical treatment that the BOP was denying).
    In closing, I couldn’t be more happy for Jeff & Kathy & just hope that he can release on an appeal bond ASAP.
    Mike Koselka

  5. To me there is no doubt about it: Jeffrey is guilty. When I saw recent repeats of the Dick Cavett show in the 70’s I was convinced! Jeffrey was smug, arrogant, delighting in the media attention (a.k.a Scott Peterson), he fooled around and had one night stands. Funny thing is ‘back then’ it was called one-night stands with the same girl. Today it’s the same thing – affair, whatever: basically he broke his marital vows, committed adultery! There on D Cavett he’s grandstanding and ‘sucking up’ to late night talk show hosts – smiling with an air of ‘approval’ on his preferred Late Night Talk Show viewing. He was a man totally devoid of emotion and he never discussed the horror, shock or loss of his family. THAT show protrays Jeffrey every day of his life: IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM – he turned himself into a poor, state-dun-me-bad victim. He “says” he covered his hands in his pajama top because he had NO defense wounds. He’s CONVENIENTLY found lying on top of his wife – hence of course he’d have her blood on him? He has lied, manipulated and quietly denied what he did … and yes, I so believe he killed those itty-bitty babes and Colette. Perhaps the baby-bed-wetting tipped him? Maybe Colete found out about his indiscretions when he was APPARENTLY out on locum in other ER’s off-base? There is more to this manipulator. Those of us not blindsided can see far and we can see wide. But more importantly, we can see THROUGH.

  6. Guess those dna tests that have come back proving beyond all doubt that macdonald is indeed the killer have rained on your parade. That hair “clutched” in his wife’s hand, the one he said belongs to the killer is HIS, so that is the one thing he didn’t lie about. He did it.

  7. Jeffrey MacDonald in my opinion is GUILTY!!!!and he should stay in jail where he belongs until he dies!! I have followed this case for a long time and everything points to him. He is a callous, self-centered, cold blooded killer. Why couldn’t you have been man enough Jeffrey to leave if you didn’t want to be a family man anymore?? You would have spared the lives of those innocent little angels and you poor pregnant wife…..I hope you ROT in jail!!!!

  8. a man who has just murered his family, doesn’t eat his dinner in hospital on the same day.You’d have to be an ostrich, with his head in the sand, to believe his story.You dont fool me,MACDONALD!!, MURDERER.You deserve to die in jail,your not even man enough to confess you did it.I KNOW YOU DID IT

  9. Dr. Macdonald, from the beginning, was quite selective in what he told people. How reasonable people can choose to believe the ramblings of addicts over scientific physical evidence is beyond me. The fact is, his story doesn’t add up, and he has never been able to explain away the physical evidence. People can chose to believe whatever they like. You can believe that a group of drug-addled hippies broke into Dr. Macdonald’s home, killed his entire family and smeared bloody messages on the walls and then escaped without detection. If so, these are some pretty sophisticated people, as they have committed the perfect crime: a triple homicide, executed perfectly, leaving a living witness but never being brought to justice. Or, you can believe that monsters are real, and that Dr. Jeffrey Macdonald ripped his wife and two children to pieces in a violent rage, and then came up with some lame Manson-inspired story to cover it up.

  10. At first I was unsure whether Jeffrey was guilty or not when I finished reading the book Fatal Vision. This author was actually sued for writing false information. I then read the book, Fatal Justice-The Reinvestigation Of The MacDonald Murders. I am so convinced Jeffrey is an innocent man. My heart goes out to him for having to suffer all these years for something someone else did. I think a lot of people made up their minds about him without researching the facts.

  11. I think that Dr. MacDonald is NOT guilty and knowing something about the court system can see how lawyers and judges and prosecutors support each other and lie and cover up whatever needs to be covered up. He deserves a new trial. What about what he said under hypnosis? Also what about the woman with the candle. She said she answered the phone while she was in the house. Isn’t there a record somewhere of a woman answering the phone AFTER they were killed? I support Dr. Mac and hope that he goes free.

  12. I remember a story about after MacDonald moved to California and a boat ride a young boy and his mom took with Jeffrey,anyway the mom was sick so she went below,the boy was left with Jeffrey who lost his patience and swung the boy over the edge of the boat by his ankles and announced that he was going to smash his head against the boat and throw him overboard,the mom Jeffreys girlfriend at the time was told by her son and she never went out with jeffrey again,I say to you all that if he lost his patience that quick he could loose it with his own kids!

  13. Oh my, my, my! How the drooling lackeys of the prosecutors have fallen! Nothing top say? No more, “I know he did it because the gossip rags all say he did?” No more, “Nancy Grace said it, so it must be true”?
    The prosecutors lied an innocent man into prison AGAIN, and the evidence they released at their “Press Conference”, turned out to be more lies!
    I guess Jeff will have a REAL smug expression on his face while he counts the taxpayers money that people like the Nancy Grace groupies let them get by with it!

  14. “…potential false imprisonment”? That sounds like a qualification. Are you not fully convinced he is innocent?
    Records and affidavits regarding the custody and transport of Helena Stoeckley during the trial show Britt lied. She was not in jail in Greenville, and he did not transport her to Raleigh. So he did not hear her “confess” during the long drive to Raleigh.

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