Tagsense – one for the lazyweb…

given steve rubel’s post on what he calls ‘tagvertising’ and my recent decision not to pursue this segment i thought i’d post about Tagsense, a new venture idea i worked on for much of last year.

the concept of tagsense was to enable an open marketplace for advertisers to buy blog world traffic via tags. the idea was that an advertiser might go to technorati or see a specially marked tag on any participating site and click ‘buy it now’.

so the obvious example would be that i see web 2.0 as one of technorati’s top 10 searches. i click to buy it and see there are 95,000 posts on 8,500 blogs. lets say 2,500 are participating in the ad network so i can then sort them further. maybe some of these are bogus or mistagging to get to higher cpc’s. i can weed them out via screening for click through rates above a 1%. i might then bid on the remaining sites and be competing against anyone else bidding on them for any tag. this way sites would always sellout inventory at highest rates.

the reason i’m not pursuing this oppty is that we found it too hard to work with or compete against google adsense. while kim malone and her team are terrific people, google has yet to decide whether it wants to be a business plaftorm for many or not.  we ran a few tests with major bloggers using google and were amazed how high goog’s ecpm’s were ($2-$4).

we also attempted to partner with yahoo and found that even more difficult. yahoo seemed to be in the middle of a massive transition and had not yet aligned interests betweens its overture group, YPN and corporate.

in the end it seemed the only areas to really compete were cpm and cpa. the latter dont have enough breadth of different offers and dont lend themselves to the conversations of the blog world. the former dont lend themselves to being sold and served in an open way as their is no performance to stop fraud.

i’m still working on a few other angles. more soon.

2 thoughts on “Tagsense – one for the lazyweb…

  1. Show me the revenue split! On second thought, just show me the CPM.

    When we think and talk about revenue models for user-distributed services such as widgets, one of the key questions is “What is the revenue split?” If a blogger puts a widget on her blog for a DVD or a digital

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