Typepad is still screwing me! and now i’m done.

i just lost a post that i spent an hour on because typepad ‘couldnt find a server’. as much as i love and support the folks at 6A, this is probably my last straw. while i wish them luck and think they have a great product and business, i’m realizing it’s time host my own. maybe typepad is like AOL, a great stepping stone for the masses to get more serious about blogging.

does anyone have advice for the cleanest way to move yourself to your own platform? i know i’ll take a hit with all my inbound links and rss readers, but better now than later, right?

12 thoughts on “Typepad is still screwing me! and now i’m done.

  1. godaddy + wordpress 1.5.2 = happy
    actually any other hosting company will do, I just found godaddy to be cheap. And, so far hasn’t let me down.

  2. If you host yourself, you’re likely to have occasional downtime too 🙂 Surely over time there will be a better, more reliable option for service, and maybe it will be Typepad. I think a better strategy is to:
    1. Make sure all your links and subscriptions go through Feedburner (assuming you trust their uptime story!) — you’re almost there now but I see the regular typepad rdf link at the bottom right.
    2. Switch to a service that’s more reliable today, even if it might have fewer features than Typepad today.
    3. Hang out until you’re ready to switch over to some new service that has a combination of reliability and features you like.
    4. As Burnham suggested, you can choose a posting service independently, giving you more options.

  3. Hi Mark,
    I’m sorry to hear about the problems you’re having with TypePad. I know that they will get this in time but it is frustrating now.
    Clearly I know the space. Your real alternative to TypePad is WordPress which can be run on either WordPress.com i.e. another hosted option — you become markpincus.wordpress.com or you install a copy of WordPress on your own server.
    Either way you want to go, as you likely know, I’ve left Feedster and I’d be delighted to help you. I use WordPress ***constantly*** and I absolutely love it. If you just want to evaluate the platform, drop me an email or phone call 857 222 6459 and I can install a copy for you to play with on one of my development servers.
    And, since I am raising money for my new startup, http://www.Ookles.com/, yes, this is a decidedly geeky way to reconnect with you.
    (But the offer stands either way; and, yes, I’d help migrate your data out of TypePad and into WordPress)
    Take care.

  4. Yeah, those offline editors are good ideas. Definitely use one. Even just a plain text editor to get the meat down and then add links, etc later.
    I just made the move myself and chronicled it here. If you check out the comments you’ll see a reference to GoDaddy’s new tool that can pull in your TP jive into WP with little hassle. Sounds like a winner. Good luck with this…

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  6. Mark, sorry you’re getting frustrated here, but I’d love to get a chance to talk more about the issues you’re having. Before you consider Scott’s generous offer, I’d encourage you to find out about the relative uptime of the services you’re considering, especially given that some of the recommendations have worse uptime and slower performance than TypePad, without the benefit of direct tech support or the dozens of other features that are unique to TypePad.
    More to the point, we’re serious about making things right for your blog. If you want to go to a separately hosted service, Movable Type supports the exact same permalinks as TypePad by default, and Yahoo offers world-class hosting of MT. We’d be glad to help you migrate if that’s what’s right for you.

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