Typepad is still screwing me! and now i’m done.

i just lost a post that i spent an hour on because typepad ‘couldnt find a server’. as much as i love and support the folks at 6A, this is probably my last straw. while i wish them luck and think they have a great product and business, i’m realizing it’s time host my own. maybe typepad is like AOL, a great stepping stone for the masses to get more serious about blogging.

does anyone have advice for the cleanest way to move yourself to your own platform? i know i’ll take a hit with all my inbound links and rss readers, but better now than later, right?

6 thoughts on “Typepad is still screwing me! and now i’m done.

  1. Immediate short term suggestion – use offline blog posting software. I use Blogjet on my PC and MarsEdit on my Mac – life is much much better since you edit offline and then post. If the post bonks, you still have your offline stuff.
    Switching to your own server is non-trivial. I did it early in the cycle and just punted my old blog. I’m using MT 3.2 – it’s a pretty straightforward install, as is WordPress – I’m sure one of the tech nerds in your universe could set it up in a couple of hours.
    Since your feed is FeedBurnered, you won’t have to change anything there since it’ll travel with you (except for folks that pick up your old Typepad feed since they are still hanging around on the hosted site.)

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