Aftermath of The London Times incident

a good friend from MSM (mainstream media) was pretty upset with me for being so quick to bash the times and the reporter, chris ayres, for their mistake in atributing a reader comment as quote from me. he originally wrote a 1000 word response which though i never read it, sounded like it was going to tear me a new a-hole.

for some reason, i’m guessing the holidays, he decided not to submit it for publishing here and instead asked that i affirm the following points which sounded pretty reasonable…

— that nobody should be fired for an honest mistake. it’s a harsh standard you wouldn’t want to apply across the board.
— that we in MSM are trying our best, have standards and codes of conduct of our own that we’re proud of
— that we very often do a damn good job and that you’d miss us if we were gone.
— and that once somebody acknowledges their mistake to continue badgering them doesn’t really do anybody any good. after all, you post to your blog whenever you feel like it; the times (and _____) have schedules to adhere to. in other words, we have jobs to do.
i think my friend makes good points here and i’ll thank him for sparing me from his wrath (for now). i will say that if any of you have legitimate rebuttals to my points that you’d like exposed on my blog i am happy to publish them.

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