the times acting like big dumb old media that they are

david chappell, the deputy managing editor, has been responding to all of your inquiries with the same email. (thanks to those who forwarded back to me).  while i’m happy they responded at all and did print a correction, it’s sad to see a news organization take so little ownership and responsibility for their actions.

chappell’s response is basically that this was just a matter a mere omission. see, they forgot to add the word ‘blog’ after ‘mark pincus’. guess that would have made a world of difference to print a racist quote and attribute it to ‘mark pincus blog’. sure their readers would have all just assumed that meant an idiot posted a comment to my blog which the times did me the favor of broadcasting to a larger audience. why would anyone think i said that?

my friend jason calcanis (not afraid to tell anyone what he thinks) pointed out to mr. chappell that this would be no different than a blog taking a quote from an oped piece in their paper and republishing it as simply ‘the times’. in fact, we should all try that just for fun.

what would be the right response from the times? how about starting with ‘wow, did we ever fuck up’? how about admitting that their process is broken? how about stating clearly that they dont believe it’s ok to lift qoutes from blogs that create gross mis perceptions about the author’s true intent?

no, it’s not enough to just say that the journalist, mr. ayres (who btw seems like a nice guy), was not ‘culpable’. hey chappell, you forgot the second half of that sentence…’and our paper WAS culpable’. some editor (probably chappell) had to review the article, decide to add the sidebar with quotes and WAS responsible for this totally wrong and maligning mis-presentation…and that guy should be fired.

folks, here’s what’s wrong with big media. they suck ass as much as the leaders they cover. the message is clear. the buck doesnt stop with anyone but us. the ants are always left holding the bag because it’s nobody’s fault.

when waste management calls my cell phone because ‘you’ve been selected for a customer survey’. when the president admits that he has instructed the cia to illegally put US citizens under surveillance. when ceo’s can make windfall profits selling stock in companies that are ‘mis-stating’ earnings and when major newspapers can malign someone’s reputation. THEY ARE ALL JUST DOING THEIR JOBS! IT’S NOBODY’S FAULT.

this is why we need a revolution. newspapers used to be the power of the people but then they just became shitty fucking corporations that ‘serve shareholders’. this is why we need a new form of capitalism. this is why craig newmark will be king and the newspapers will all die.

must be a tough new world for mr. chappell and his media counterparts. they’ll have to learn new rules of engagement. like the leaders of governments and corporations they cover, they’ll have to learn to answer to the people.

in honor of mr. chappell and the times i’m starting a new tag/category on my blog, "dumb media".

i encourage you all to continue letting mr. chappell know what you think of their practices.

2 thoughts on “the times acting like big dumb old media that they are

  1. The great thing about this whole thing with the Times is that more people are now aware of your blog and what you’re talking about. For that, i’m glad they misquoted you.

  2. Mark,
    Mark Twain once said “The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightening and the lightening bug.”

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