Start page mania

fred wilson has a good roundup post on this new (old?) category of custom news aggregation/start page. comforting to see that after 10 years (20?) we’re still working on the same issues. will we ever get to a final best solution or will this evolution keep going? seems like google is final for search. is it just that nobody has nailed this yet?

well that must be what a lot of vc’s are thinking, backing all these new entrants.

here’s my response…

ok. i can be a little slow but i’m missing the boat on most of these. tried and it didnt seem to let me choose topics. am i supposed to just be interested in what’s most popular on these services? is that the point – like technorati top 10? or am i an idiot and missed the UI?

i’ll admit i still dont use delicious, have never used myyahoo, tried digg once and didnt get that either.

i’d like a service that a) has no work cause i’m lazy, b) based on a few clicks offers me topical/category news, c) gives it in very short bursts like bloglines that i can fire through fast. if it also showed me most popular in a category or which fred was reading, icing but not necessary.

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