more on the times fuck up – correction about who was actually responsible

i received an email and call from mr chris ayres, the journalist on the times piece that incluced the quote wrongly attributed to me. he was upset with me for wrongly blaming him for the slip shod journalism and was annoyed at all the emails from you guys (i do feel the support and love that we ants can fight back sometimes).

chris explained that he submits his stories from LA and has nothing to do with the sidebars that are added. he agreed that the times fucked up but pointed out that he was not responsible for the final product.

while i feel it was reasonable for me to blame the named author on the story, i told chris that i would edit my original post as well as publishing my own correction here.

this is all a big lesson about what’s to come. we live in a world of rapid fire media, where newspapers and bloggers will quote each other and sometimes get it wrong. we all must be vigilant in our collective effort to get the true story out there, protect the innocents and admit when we’re wrong. here is a case where, with further information, i too was wrong.

so to mr chris ayres, i am sorry you had to experience a similar injustice to that brought on my character last week.

last question to readers, does anyone know if there is a copyright one can post on their blog that forces commercial media to get our permission to use our content in quotes or other ways?

3 thoughts on “more on the times fuck up – correction about who was actually responsible

  1. Don’t quotes and excerpts fall under fair use?
    Either way, I don’t think it should be possible to require permission to quote someone.
    What if I could copyright everything I say?

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