Email the times – tell them how wrong this is

you can email the managing editor

this is soo wrong. after all the heat against bloggers for not being *real* journalists and doing our homework, this is agregious.

more background, the times lifted a quote from my post titled ‘tookie brings out kookies’ in which i reposted the worst comment to my blog. this quote was indented and in italics and clearly identified as from a reader. he simply reprinted this in the paper with my name.

7 thoughts on “Email the times – tell them how wrong this is

  1. Mark, Despite our disagreement on capital punishment, this is wrong. I was disappointed that you dredged up one of the silliest comments to your post, in order to attack the other side of the discussion as “sporting lower IQs” instead of one of the many cogent, well supported and well presented arguments. But you were out to cast your position in the best light, so you went right to the gutter and then generalized the opposition as being largely stupid “angry conservatives”.
    Well, the Times has gone right for the gutter too, in order to cast Americans as having a lust for barbaric capital punishment. No, they shouldn’t have attributed this quote to you. But why couldn’t they take one of the well thought out arguments? Because like you that didn’t suit their agenda. Neither you nor the Times wanted to engage in a real discussion, you just wanted to defame the opposing side as angry idiots.
    In short, there were two injustices: (1) dredging the gutter for arguments against your position to make your position look better; (2) incorrect attribution. Both you and the Times are guilty of #1; the Times is also guilty of #2.

  2. Mark,
    It is spelled “egregious”, “conspicuously bad or offensive” no “agregious”. See, even people with worthwhile voices can mis-spell on occassion.
    Sorry to hear you have been misquoted. Media standards are very low, but blogs allow you your own “power of the pen” to correct the error. I will email this guy (its not the comedian Dave Chappelle is it?) in your support.

  3. Media Thoughts:
    The media’s presentation, in general, is a Swiss Cheese of facts, mis-attributions, information and mis-information, bias and slant, all masquerading as “truth.” Is it any surprise that Prime-Time network News has seen their ratings slide steadily for 20 years (good graphic in NYT the other day). The credibility of media outlets such as the SF Chronicle and the NYTimes also have been in a long decline (at least with me). (Does anybody remember that this thread all started with Mark P’s favorable comments about the Sunday Chronicle article about Stanley Williams, “Measure of a Man”). Anyway, the good news is that the Internet, Blogs, etc. will actually help continue the liberation of the public from our dependence on “mainstream” media outlets. The internet and blogs have already helped to expose various media gafffes and “egregious” misrepresentations of “fact.” And the Internet helped Mark P know that there was an article in the Times of London and respond immediately, which would never have been possible a few years ago.

  4. Anybody see anything questionable from this sentence from another story in the “estimable” Times of London, reporting on the Tookie Williams case? here’s the quote and the citation.
    “Joan Baez, the country singer, was one of the protesters who made the pilgrimage up the narrow road leading to the institution on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, 30 miles south of San Francisco. As night fell she sang “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” on a make-shift platform.”
    (the institution is San Quentin).,,11069-1923867,00.html
    Who agrees it is on the Pacific Ocean?
    Who agrees that it is 30 miles S of SF?
    What else are we to question in their reporting?

  5. I’m not sure if they recently changed it, but I went to the page you provided and it currently says “Comment by John on Mark Pincus blog” so they’re not attributing it to you (at least not anymore).

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