Google showers this blog with tookie traffic

it’s been very interesting watching my traffic jump the past few days around my tookie williams posts. for some reason a few of them have become top 3 results on google and other search engines, sending my daily average traffic from 129 visits to over 2,000 with comments going up too.

also interesting to see the audience i’ve attracted which is much more broad based than our little web 2.0/new media world. it’s been fun (if a little scary) to see all kinds of different people with much different view points contribute. while a lot of the comments use offensive words like "nigger" and some make fairly personal attacks i’d rather see the other side honestly represented.

i should also point out that there have been a smattering of intelligent arguments in favor of capital punishment and specifically why people felt tookie’s execution was justice served.

the whole experience has been an interesting lesson. our network has become the world’s largest ocean. you throw a few lines out there and sometimes google sends a lot of random traffic back.

one ironic thought is that while my web 2.0 readers asked me to keep my political views to myself, the net effect of my political rants has been to increase my traffic.

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