tookie brings out the kookies

it looks like tookie williams last chance for clemency was exhausted today.

what’s more interesting is the type of debate that this issue generated on my blog. one can gain an odd snapshot of our policital landscape by reading the comments on some of my tookie posts. they were largely dominated by angry conservatives clearly sporting lower IQ’s (just judging by the spelling and levels of stupid angry comments).

also interesting, the liberal commentors seemed fairly religious and less educated too. seems like the educated mainstream is too busy to bother with this conversation.

it’s too bad that the conservative side is represented by such ignorant and angry people. all i can do is shine a light on them and let their mouths take care of the rest…

Ah!isnt justice beautiful? Especially 20 years late? better late than never.Good ole Tookie murdered four people,now ther getting ready to juce the bastard and we have the whiners out in force.By the way, that Tookie scumbag was the founder of the Cripps gang.Any of you liberal turds ever think of the murder,drugs and other crap that that gang put into society?Thank you tookie.I hope they really fuck up the execution job so that it lasts awhile,slow and painful.When you get to the other side and meet God,(that is if ya have one),chances are Tookie will meet up with folks like Pol Pot or Adolf Hitler.If he does ,thats were he belongs..I say Good riddence,but way too late.

3 thoughts on “tookie brings out the kookies

  1. Just ecause a person can’t type well doesn’t mean they are stupid…………..

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