Ebay’s hidden permission marketing…

has anyone noticed how aggressive ebay and other major consumer players are getting in their marketing practices? i recently re-registered for an ebay account and was astounded at the level of privacy invasion they can take within their truste approved policy.

did you know that ebay has the right to call you…?

Call me about eBay programs such as Free Listing Days, Penny Gallery Days, Trade Shows, and special events. If you are a seller, unchecking this box means you will not receive information designed to help you expand your business on eBay.

and mail you…?

Send me email about my favorite categories, coupons, and other special offers such as Free Listing Days.

i’m a bit surprised ebay would do this. seems like the corporate mba’s have won out at the long term expense of the brand.

One thought on “Ebay’s hidden permission marketing…

  1. Stanley “Tookie” Williams was a human being. Stanley’s victims were human beings just as you and I are human beings. Being human means we are all emotional creatures regardless of what we do and where we are.
    I’ve read that Stanley “Tookie” Williams and Raymond Washington started a Los Angeles based street gang eventually known as the “Crips” in the early 70’s to defend themselves and their neighborhood from other gangs.
    I assume that Stanley “Tookie” Williams would kill to defend his life. I know that I would kill in defense of my life or in defense of an innocent life.
    So, before anyone get’s all emotional about the conversation think about this…
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    Back in 1981, Stanley “Tookie” Williams, a 28 year old misguided, misunderstood victim of society was convicted of running around with a shotgun in the wee hours of the morning in the fall of 1979 blasting innocent people at a time in his life (26 years old) when he apparently was too young to know the difference between right and wrong and was just defending himself and his neighborhood.
    If the State of California (represented by local law enforcement) had been present at that 7-Eleven on February 28, 1979 to stop him from killing Albert Owens or if they had been present on March 11, 1979 at the Brookhaven Motel to stop him from killing Yen-I Yang, Tsai-Shai Chen Yang and their daughter, Yu Chin Yang Lin they would have tried.
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    So, it took the State 27 years to defend the innocent because they couldn’t stop Stanley “Tookie” Williams on those bloody nights back in 1979.
    No apologies, except to say the State should apologize for not doing a better job at stopping gang violence.
    I’ll even thank Stanley “Tookie” Williams for working tirelessly “during his detention” to combat the problems of gang violence so that it would not breed another Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

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