Is there a christian right blogging campaign to fight tookie williams clemency?

it’s weird how many commentors are showing up around my single post on tookie williams. i think the comment count is over 25 where i average 2. also, it’s weird how the preponderance are from non-regular readers and they are uniformly conservative and often with religious overtones. i wonder whether there is an organized effort out there to monitor and attack all pro clemency blog posts. that would be pretty smart

Actions have consequences, one cannot hit oneself in the head with a hammer and not expect to experience pain, action-hammer, consequence-pain, action-multiple murders, consequence-execution.

And the vast majority of inmates on death row come to Jesus so should we let them all out after they repent??? Or should their family be comforted that once they are executed they will be with their savior???

8 thoughts on “Is there a christian right blogging campaign to fight tookie williams clemency?

  1. How many are given a fair shot at redeeming themselves? A stint in prison creates a certain stigma that limits their opportunities for advancement. And how many churches in America welcome such people and help them rebuild their lives?
    Mark–when you get a spare moment, check out Jackie Pullinger’s book, “Chasing the Dragon.” It’s a personal account of how a christian ministry was established in Hong Kong. Not directly relevant to this thread, but a worthwhile read that I’d recommend to anybody who’s seen too much of the American christian culture machine.

  2. Mark,
    Touche, good instincts. Many of us who responded to your blog were doing so on the basis of instructions we received on RF devices implanted directly in our lower cortex. These devices are activated directly from the offices of Karl Rove and apparently use the latest in WiFi technology so that we get the word even when roaming. But you are very sharp to pick up on it.
    Big Brother is Watching. And Listening.
    Mark D

  3. So because your position is thouroughly exposed and soundly defeated by facts and logic, therefore it must be some sort of right wing conspiracy? Face it, Tookie is an unrepentant, savage murderer. I dont believe in the death penalty myself, but as the law stands, he has no right to expect clemency or forgiveness for his alleged “redemption”.

  4. i wonder whether there is an organized effort out there to monitor and attack all pro clemency blog posts
    That would be smart but it’s not needed. A mildly popular blog pointing to your post would be enough to generate the traffic.
    Shrug. We saw this during the last presidential election. Herd animals migrating exhibit the same behaivor – but it’s not a conspriacy on the part of moose, just the way they are.

  5. Ah!isnt justice beautiful? Especially 20 years late? better late than never.Good ole Tookie murdered four people,now ther getting ready to juce the bastard and we have the whiners out in force.By the way, that Tookie scumbag was the founder of the Cripps gang.Any of you liberal turds ever think of the murder,drugs and other crap that that gang put into society?Thank you tookie.I hope they really fuck up the execution job so that it lasts awhile,slow and painful.When you get to the other side and meet God,(that is if ya have one),chances are Tookie will meet up with folks like Pol Pot or Adolf Hitler.If he does ,thats were he belongs..I say Good riddence,but way too late.

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