anyone heard from the governor?

last i heard, the governor’s office said they wouldnt announce yesterday. he
probably wants to appear like he deliberated a long time. execution is tuesday
tookie’s execution represents all that is wrong with our country. it’s
walmart, torture, the corrupt corporate political stealing from everyone else.
mostly it represents the results of our own apathy. we let all these
institutions become what they are by not forcing a democratic

One thought on “anyone heard from the governor?

  1. Tookie’s execution has no connection I can think of with WalMart.
    Nor does it have anything to do with corporate stealing.
    It’s the simple desire of people for revenge against someone who was, undisputably, a brutal killer.
    Tookie was symbolic of the kind of people conservatives really don’t like. He dealt drugs, he killed people in the most brutal possible ways, and he contributed in very significant ways to the horrors of life in ghetto Los Angeles.
    Conservatives generally think Tookie’s not a nice fellow, and the image he’s presenting of redemption is false, just a jailhouse conversion to save his skin.
    I tend to agree with them, but since I’ve never met the man, I don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other.
    At the same time, I really would love to hear more about Tookie’s relationship with WalMart. If my memory serves, WalMart hadn’t come to his neck of the woods until after his conviction, so I don’t think he was even a customer.

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