Open call to help save tookie williams – you can make a difference

i’m pinging you all in the hope you might post something on your blogs about tookie williams, who’s case will be considered by schwarzenegger this thursday before his execution next week.
i realize that on the surface this case might look like simple, a horrible gang member who brutally killed 4 people who will be executed for many good reasons. however, i if you look deeper you will see that this is a ‘revolution of the ants’ case. i mean here is a guy who actually rehabilitated himself in the middle of one of the harshest prison systems in our country. this is a man who has chosen to devote his life to stopping kids from joining the gangs he created, a man who speaks in their language.
tookie has been nominated for 5 nobel peace prizes and awarded a nobel prize for literature for his children’s books, which are used in inner city school systems throughout the country.
i went to a showing of the movie ‘redemption’ last night starring jamie foxx which chronicles his life achievements. it was a packed theater, full of the *real people*. like the matt gonzalez mayoral campaign, this is falling on class and race lines.
this is about the two societies we live in – haves and havenots. the havenots go die in iraq and get locked up in our prisons at greater rates per capital than any other country.
the havenots have very few voices. tookie is one of the few important ones and he’s about to get silenced. please help me stop this.
what you can do–
* get the facts at (below is a quick summary too)
* blog about it.  say anything. even if you disagree. this man at least deserves the discussion.
please help me put pressure on schwarzenegger and put yourself on the record showing this doesnt have to be two societies, and that there are independent thinking people who want a more just america for all citizens.

Stan was the co-founder in 1971 of the Los Angeles Crips gang. In 1981 he was convicted of murdering four people during two robberies and sentenced to death row at San Quentin State Prison. Stan deeply regrets his gang involvement but has always maintained his innocence of these crimes.

His trial was based on circumstantial evidence and the testimony of several witnesses, all of whom were facing a range of felony charges, including fraud, rape, murder and mutilation. Even the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals stated in a September 10, 2002, ruling that the witnesses in Stan’s case had “less-than-clean backgrounds and incentives to lie in order to obtain leniency from the state in either charging or sentencing.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has now rejected Tookie’s appeal to investigate the racism and discrimination at the heart of his case, as well as Tookie’s innocence issues. One issue highlighted the fact that the prosecutor in Tookie’s original case removed three African-American jurors from the jury. During Stan’s trial, this prosecutor made racially-coded remarks during his closing argument, comparing Stan during the trial to a Bengal tiger in the zoo and stating that a black community – South Central Los Angeles – was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal Tiger.

Now upheld by the United States Supreme Court, this ruling will establish as "case law" for the nation the right for prosecutors to exclude jurors on the basis of race and to denigrate minority defendants in front of all-white juries.

The ruling is a frontal attack on the civil rights of all Americans.

The California State Supreme Court had twice censured this prosecutor for equally discriminatory behavior. Indeed, a member of the California Supreme Court at that time made the following statement about that prosecutor:

…I believe that we must place the ultimate blame on its real source – the prosecutor. It was he who unconstitutionally struck Black prospective jurors. The record compels this conclusion and permits none other… This prosecutor knew that such conduct was altogether improper. The trial court told him as much. And so did we… This court attempted to teach this same prosecutor that invidious discrimination was unacceptable when we reversed a judgment of death because of similar improper conduct on his part. He failed – or refused – to learn his lesson. The result is another reversal – and another costly burden on the administration of justice.

Amicus Brief Filed By ACLU On Tookie’s Behalf
The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union), the national NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and several other civil rights groups have filed an amicus (Friend of the Court) brief urging the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to consider racist injustices in jury selection during Tookie’s 1981 trial. (click here to read the story)
Court Recommends Clemency For Tookie
Read about the ruling against Tookie on September 10, 2002, by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals — and the Court’s recommendation to spare his life.

61 thoughts on “Open call to help save tookie williams – you can make a difference

  1. Regarding his books, don’t you think that the most effective postscript to these books would be that Tookie was put to death by the state for his actions? Wouldn’t that ending be more poignant? In fact, his Crips cofounder was murdered on the street. Wouldn’t it be a fitting ending that one was murdered on the street and the other by the state?
    Rehabilitation? Hardly! He still maintains his innocence in the face of overwhelming evidence and testimony by accomplices. How can one be rehabilitated if he won’t admit what he has done? He refuses to admit it because that sliver of doubt is yet another legal ploy to avoid the death penalty. Yet he is caught in a Catch-22: Admit your guilt and become “rehabilitated” or deny any guilt and therefore rehabilitation is moot. Tookie is merely playing legal games claiming both sides of this equation to save his life. Those who support this game a useful idiots in his little game.
    Racist Jury? Oliver North was convicted by an all black jury and never cried racism. Oliver North took his punishment like a man. The issue of jury racism wasn’t raised until 13 years after conviction. It is a ploy. By law you are not guaranteed a racially representative jury, but merely a competent jury. Let me ask you this question: If you are white, do you cry racism if you get a non-white jury with blacks, Latinos and Asians? Wouldn’t you be acting in a racist manner then? Race should not be considered in employment, admissions, or jury selection, we should be a colorblind society. Shame on you for crying racism.

  2. I find myself having a hard time getting worked up about the topic of pardoning Mr. Williams. He is a bad guy, no matter how you look at it…..
    HOWEVER, I see this issue as really about the death penalty in general and not about one man. How can it be that it comes down to the personal decision of one retarded Austrian ex-bodybuilder to decided whether ANYONE lives or dies? The death penaly is not right, from a moral, statistical (mark has spoken a lot about this) and religious perspective.
    The best thing that the Governator could do is just clear death row altogether – pardon everyone. This would send a huge message that the death penalty is immoral and wasteful and basically akin to sending them to the arena and at the same time would not be excusing one man’s crimes.
    As one very well know rabbi once said “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do” (A prayer that Jesus spoke on the cross, concerning those who put him to death)

  3. p.s. that nobel peace price reference is crap. Yasser fricken Arafat won a nobel peace prize.

  4. I believe that Tookie’s life should be spared. For one, I don’t believe in the death penalty, because it is not our place to take a life in place of a life that was taken; and only GOD can judge on that level of judgment. I believe it is our responsibility as children of GOD(or a higher power for those who are PCs) to love and forgive one another but not judge and kill. I cannot say whether or not that he killed but at any rate he has redeemed himself in the eyes of GOD and man so let him live his as a redeemed man of GOD and continue to help those who might fall into this world of gangs or prevent them from fallen. I say let OUR FATHER discipline him in a manner that HE feel fit. Pray forgive him and and let GOD be his judge.

  5. aron you are an idiot i am a black male and ending this poignant mans life will not stymie the gang tide but further it.i think all u small brainee people forget one thing
    your police force your federal agencies your clerics your teachers could not in la or otherwise even broker a possible peace initiative between bloods and crips never mind even get THem to the table…it seems like all of america love to demystify or dismantle any black male that has an influence on black youth. especially when he tries to get them out of the streets…makes me wonder whats the real issue here helping the youth in the inner cities or keeeping the poor poorer and the police employed..also aron its amazing i did not see you speak out when they let one of the most psychotic individuasls in killing history get his sentence commuted to life…

  6. Based upon the reference to the word poignant, I assume Dutch was attacking me and (no surprise) playing the race card. Just a note Dutch, every time you play the race card you fuel racism. Martin Luther King looked forward to a day when race was not an issue. By playing that card, you make it an issue and further divide the races.
    Forgiveness? I prefer to follow the words of General Norman Schwartzkopf in reference to the 9/11 terrorists: “I believe that forgiving them is God’s function. Our job is simply to arrange the meeting.”
    The death penalty is very expensive to execute. It involves a long and expensive appeals process. But in the case of Tookie, that process has run its course and it is a sunk cost. So the financial argument is moot.
    But in reality, this is not about Tookie; it is about the death penalty in general. Yes Manson should be put to death, as dictated by his original sentence. Unfortunately, in 1972 the death sentence was struck down and the sentences for all death row inmates were commuted to life without parole. In a weird twist of the legal system, there is no going back now. That is sad, because Charlie (and others, regardless of race) who were saved by that sad process really should pay the ultimate price.
    Question: should I assume that all people arguing against the state sanctioned killing this evil man, are also against the slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents every year in the form of abortion? Maybe all comments should start with the writer’s stance on these two issues:
    Me: pro-death penalty, pro-choice, anti-racial division
    Your claim that the death penalty serves no purpose is wrong. My brother is in the legal system and makes a compelling case that the threat of the death penalty is used to get witnesses to provide testimony and evidence about others and themselves. It goes like this: “We’re going for the death penalty, but if you plead guilty and testify against your accomplices, we’ll give you a life sentence.” It works. If you take away the specter of death, you take away a valuable tool that greases the wheels of justice.
    Regarding the “what would Jesus do” (WWJD) my daughter asked me for an example of the conflict between the government’s role and Christian teachings. I explained that Jesus said to turn the other cheek. But the government’s primary responsibility is the safety of its citizens. In the case of Pearl Harbor, Jesus’ teachings would suggest that we forgive them and turn the other cheek (allowing them to strike again without retribution). But the government was forced to take action to protect its citizens. The same holds true here. The government must take Tookie’s life for the good of society, regardless of the conflict with Christian teachings.
    One last point regarding race. I hold Richard Parsons, the black CEO of Time Warner, in tremendous esteem along with a collection of others (Ms. Rice, Mr. Powell, etc.). But to hold the murderous Tookie Williams up as a positive example for black youth is frankly sick.
    Goodbye Tookie, I only wish you go hand in hand with Charlie Manson…

  7. Im not sure how opposing the death penalty makes me and idiot or shows my racism. I really don’t know enough about the Tookie case to say anything. I strongly oppose the death penalty regardless of race or crime.

  8. I am not sure that watching a movie is adequate due diligence to determine the facts of the case. Similarly, the Chronicle article that you refer to positively, was slipshod. Four times it said “prosecutors asserted” that Williams was connected to the crimes by evidence. Zero times did it mention whether there were one (or more) trials, where “biased” advocates for each side presented their own cases, and some sort of “impartial” judge or jury listed to all of the evidence and came up with a finding, “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Presumably some penalty phase was conducted for each set of murders and somebody, made the difficult decision of what penalty to impose for Mr. William’s crimes, as so convicted. No mention in the Chronicle of how many appeals, rehearings, reconsiderations, etc. have occurred over the years.
    It is interesting to me that people feel prepared to take positions (with passion) based on seeing a movie (not necessarily made by unbiased individuals seeking to present all sides to the issue) or reading brief newspaper articles.
    Query: should the State of California dispense with the existing legal process and instead have a democratic public vote, “up or down”, on life or death for Mr. Williams? Are you prepared to accept the process and the outcome? If not, why not?
    Perhaps we should do away with the death penalty, if so should that not be done by the democratic process of amending the law in the state of California?

  9. The people vote on principles, not individual cases. We the people have overwhelmingly supported capital punishment. Whenever we try to fulfill the will of the people, a few people who cannot accept the will of the majority always show up and try to make a play based on the “individual merits” of the specific case at hand. Despite their histrionics about the specific case, they really are just against capital punishment. Show me some pro-capital punishment folks who want Tookie spared. There may be some, but very very few.

  10. I am a big believer that the facts are seldom as simple as “advocates” (on either side) may claim. And I believe that its worth listening to BOTH sides before making up ones mind. (I also question whether the “court of public opinion” is the best forum to decide the fate of this man, or if his supporters would accept that process as fair, if the court of public opinion reached an adverse decision.) Here are a couple of links to arguments from the “other side”, including a 57 page document from the LA DA. (“just the facts, Mam.”, Jack Webb, Dragnet).

  11. I strongly oppose the execution of Tookie Williams and the death penalty. He is contstantly in my prayers, and I am praying that Almighty God will intervene and spare his life. I believe he is innocent and there is not evidence linking him to this heinous crime just as though there was no eveidence linking Jeronimo “Jijaga” Pratt to the crime that he was accused of.

  12. I strongly oppose the execution of Tookie Williams and the death penalty. He is contstantly in my prayers, and I am praying that Almighty God will intervene and spare his life. I believe he is innocent, and there is no evidence linking him to this heinous crime just as there was no evidence linking Jeronimo “Jijaga” Pratt to the crime that he was accused of.

  13. You want evidence? They have a receipt (along with a copy of the photo ID of Tookie) for the shotgun that matches all of the shells on both scenes. They have witnesses seeing him enter/exit with the shotgun and his accomplices testified against him, even quoting his rationale:
    Court record: When Sims asked Williams why he shot Owens, Williams said he “didn’t want to leave any witnesses.” Williams also said he killed Owens “because he was white and he was killing all white people.”
    Tookie’s own brother related the following:
    Later that same day, Williams bragged to his brother Wayne about killing Owens. Williams said, “you should have heard the way he sounded when I shot him.” Williams then made gurgling or growling noises and laughed hysterically about Owens’ death.
    If sweet ole Tookie was innocent, why did he plan an escape during his trial; an escape that included killing two guards and blowing up the prisoner transport bus and all of the people in it to hide who had escaped? Is this something an innocent man does prior to being judged?
    So to say that “there is no evidence linking him to these heinous crimes” is completely naïve. You simply disagree with the death penalty. So you have three intellectually honest choices: lobby to change the law, accept it, or leave the state. But arguing individual cases and saying that there is no evidence, in the face of overwhelming evidence is intellectually dishonest and only hurts your anti-capital punishment stance because it exposes you as ill-informed and making decisions based upon emotion and not fact.
    BTW, the jury that convicted Tookie included a Filipino, Mexican and YES a black man named William James McLurkin (juror #12).

  14. jason,
    i read the same brief from the LA district attorney, written opposing a clemency.
    first, i’d like to reiterate that i respect all views on this topic and understand the level of passion and frustration.
    second, i do not have a view on whether tookie is guilty or innocent and this is not the primary reasons for my supporting clemency. they are 1) opposing capital punishment, 2) my belief that tookie is making a difference on many levels and symbolizes a lot more than one life.
    third, i dont agree with your interpretation of the legal brief. there are facts about the tookie’s case that trouble me.
    all witnesses against him were convicted fellons who received reduced sentences for testifying. his alleged accomplice was given complete immunity which i’ve never heard of. his cellmate who turned in his alleged escape notes was a known prison informant who got a deal for his testimony too.
    finally, jason, while i appreciate your thoughtful comments, it would increase your credibility if you were to use your real name and email address.

  15. Someone posted there was a black man on the jury. I don’t think that is true. all accounts I have read state that Tookie was convicted by an all white jury. Am I right or wrong? I am against the death penalty but not for moral purposes. The death penalty is racial and economically biased. Until it is fair across the board, and IN EVERY STATE, it should be abolished.

  16. How did Ollie North take his punishment like a man? His conviction was overturned less than 2 years later. Who knows what kind of appeals he may have had in the works had it not been overturned.

  17. all I can think of are the people who were murdered, the victims and their loved ones and family members. I am conflicted about the death penalty….I hate the fact I live in fear in my community from young black men who are from two opposing gangs, the crips and bloods…Im afraid for my son and my daughter, Lord keep them safe and while they grow up in the middle of violence…My anger and feelings of justice stand for the death sentence my compassion argues against it, a good point I read on this blog is that serial killer(s)are given life in prison, really? sighsss….do I believe tookie is rehabilitated, my personal opinion is no, should his death sentence be commuted…maybe, I dont know….from a concerned black mother

  18. Futher to Tee’s comments about the victims, here are some of the facts.
    Albert Lewis Owens was a 26 year old male, died of 2 shotgun blasts to the back while he lay on the floor, unarmed.
    Tsai-Shai Yang, 63 year old female, died of 2 shotgun blasts to abdomen and tail bone. Unarmed.
    Yen-I Yang, 76 year old male, died of 2 shotgun blasts to abdomen and chest, Unarmed.
    Yee-Chen Lin, 43 year old female, died of 1 shotgun shell fired into her face. Unarmed.
    Yen-I Yang was married to Tsai-Shai Yang and their daughter was Yee-Chen Lin.
    When one contemplates “all that is wrong with our country” one item on the list, (other than Walmart), maybe should be that innocent people, modest people, poor people, unarmed people, like these 4, are murdered every day of the week, by other people. Think about it.

  19. Just to be clear, my comment about the victims was from me, Mark D., I am NOT Mark Pincus and I am not trying to masquerade as him or confuse the thread of who is speaking. We have the first name, yet possibly different takes on things. (On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog).

  20. Race…Why is about race again. For those of you crying race, tell me one thing then. Since 1978 there have been 12 executions in the State of California. How many were black? 10? no 8? no 5? nope 3? nope. The answer is ONE just 1. This is not about race. This is about a man that brutally murdered 4 innocent people stole about $220 in the two incidents and then bragged on numerous occassions about the crime. He also stated that he killed the convenience store clerk because he was white. Ok maybe it was about race.
    Where were all you people along with Jamie Foxx, Bianca Jaeggar or the likes outside the walls of San Quentin for the 9 whites, 1 asian and 1 hispanic man that paid the price for their crimes.
    Finally Tookie no doubt has a legacy. It is his son serving 8-20 years for second degree murder.

  21. Robyn asked if she is right that Tookie was convicted by an all-white jury. Accordiing to the LA DA’s document (pg 43), juror number 12, William James McLurkin was a black man. The DA provided evidence to back this up consisting of his Mr. McLurkin’s death certificate where he is identified as black, plus an affidavit from Juror #1 saying that Mr. McLurkin was black. And the band plays on….

  22. There seems to be only a bunch of vociferous “black activists” and white morons around craving to spare Stanley Tookie Williams (STW), a malicious convicted murderer of FOUR innocent NON-BLACK people. Unfortunately, the vast majority of sensible Americans who do want to believe that justice will prevail are not as vocal as they should be. In fact, they are hardly saying anything.
    It has to be realized that if STW had been a white man, none of the loonies marching day and night in front of San Quentin State Prison and carrying something like “Save STW’s life” placards would have lifted a finger to grant him clemency and, furthermore, nominate him for neither more nor less than the Nobel Peace Prize! The Nobel Prize for killing in cold blood several people and then, just to save his own skin, writing few worthless brochures? Oh God!..
    Enough is enough! Death sentence means DEATH – nothing else! And even 10000+ brochures or whatever will never be able to wash the victims’ blood from STW’s hands.
    No clemency for STW! No delay! STW must pay the ultimate price and be executed as scheduled, on December 13, 2005, at 12:01 AM. End of the story.

  23. Why is it when a high profile case involves a man of color it is about race? This is in no way about race but about a coward that shot four innocent people with a shotgun, three by the way in the back while lying face down. There was an overwelming amount of evidence including ballistics and eye witness accounts, not to mention the bragging of one Mr. Williams about the killings. So move off the race card.
    Now if you are against the death penelty in all cases that is a legitimate argument. If you are just against it in this case due to the fact that blacks are put to death more than whites then you need to re-think your position.
    Here is todays quick quiz.
    In California since 1978, 12 men have been put to death. Guess the number of those men who have been black.
    a) 12
    b) 9
    c) 5
    d) 3
    e) 1
    If you answered 1 you are correct.
    Where was Foxx, Jackson, Bianca and the likes for the 9 whites, 1 asian and 1 hispanic man that was put to death in the state? I am sure nowhere to be found.
    Finally for all of you that think Tookie has a legacy since he writes all these nice children books. There is only 1 legacy this man has and it is his son that bares the same name doing 20 years for second degree murder. Like father like son. Nice legacy Tookie.
    May you RIP.

  24. This man should not be pardoned, the evidence in his case is overwhelming that he is guilty. No more should those sentenced to death for their crimes be allowed to have endelss appeals for 24 years, that is PRPOSTEROUS! This man is not only guilty of the 4 murders he so heinously committed, but probably responsible for thousands more committed by his beloved CRIPS brothers.
    He and all the other hollywierd bleeding hearts should just do the right thing, let him die like a man. Or….will he continue to beg for mercy like some of his victims probably did?

  25. I think that Tookie and his supporters are domestic terrorists. Jamie Fox and Snoop Dogg come across as ex-gangster wannabees and his white supporters are typical white-guilt suckers. Tookie is for all intents and purposes, an animal.
    The whole Tookie clemency farce is nothing more than blackmail. The message is clear: spare Tookies life or suffer the consequences California. Or maybe the dopey white boys are expecting Los Angeles to break out in spontaneous prayer vigils after Tookies execution? No my friends, Tookies peaceful assocates and supporters will terrorize California and the USA for a long time to come.

  26. Again Mr. Pincus, I dont mean to burst your rosy colored bubble, but Tookie never won the Nobel prize, nor are his books used in hundreds of schools. All of his books together sold less than 300 copies, and most are out of print. As a childrens book author myself, Im not surprised. They were pee-yew bad, and obviously ghost-written at that. But dont let the facts get in the way of your rhetoric on my account

  27. Finally, Arnold who has been falling left on most issues latley made the correct decision today when he decided to deny the clemency for Tookie.
    Today when you on the left mourn Tookie for his good (which is what agai). Remember the four innocent people he killed in cold blood, not to mention the thousands of deaths he is related to by starting the lovely gang of the crips.
    Thank you Arnold!

  28. So let me get this straight.. If I go kill 4 people with a shotgun, start a gang responsible for countless deaths and crimes, but then I write some children’s books, everything is ok? Are you kidding me? I am so happy to hear that Tookie is going to die. It’s about 20 years overdue. I think Arnold should kill Tookie himself, Conan the Barbarian style with a sword. Ok, just kidding about that, but seriously, if you think Tookie deserves to live another second you are an idiot. Go Arnold!

  29. How can Tookie be worthy of redemption if he has not accepted responsibility for his actions (killing 4 people) in the first place?
    There would not be these discussions about redemption if the case was reversed and it was 4 dead black people that had been shot by a Korean, for example.

  30. Did any of Tookies victim get a chance to make a change in society? No. Did any of Tookies victims get a chance to write any kind of books? No. Did any of Tookies victims get a chance to get nominated for a Nobel Prize? No. So what makes Tookie so special? Nothing. Let him go to the chair. If all you libs don’t like my opinion. TOO BAD.

  31. “tookie” thinks he’s tough? He’s a slimeball coward who has lived way too long at the expense of the taxpayers. Good riddance punk, the gas chamber is much too good for you.

  32. No matter what The death penalties are wrong! !
    Isn’t it weird, there have been inmates found innocent after serving 20-30 years in Jail for Crimes they were Framed. Some people found it in their heart of hearts to admit they LIED. Or after some poor guilt ridden soul finds DNA & proves someone innocent They R released. Well Let’s think about, how
    many people or convicted executed inmates have been innocent?
    Do you CARE, Do You NOW, Well That Could be you,your child or grandchild that was executed. By the grace of God there go I/We?
    The Govenor should have given this man CLEMENCY on GP.He would still be in jail for life without ever getting Parole…

  33. hey mark, i noticed from the picture @ the top of your homo (home) page that you look very dissapointed. By the way, is that botox in your lips or do they just crave the tookie meister???
    Stanley should suck the barrel of a 12 gauge as it removes his sorry ass cranial cavity. See ya stanley!!! punk bitch

  34. Tookie needs to die. Express elevator to hell. There is no redemtion for murder. Learn punks….learn.

  35. An injection is to good! They need to stone the man. He killed four people and created a tree and culture of violence which has spread for 25 years.

  36. Dutch,
    I think YOUR racism is showing! The guy murdered 4 people and should pay for his crimes as a jury of his peers said he should! The difference between him and Manson was Manson didn’t murder anyone and wasn’t at any murder scenes. Although i wouldn’t have minded if he got the death penalty too! Tookie pulled the trigger and murdered four innocent people. And why were you not complaining when Calif. was putting to death 9 white men??? Tookies time is up!

  37. Here’s my question: Where were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when the jury found Tookie guilty to protest this ‘unfair’ conviction?
    They weren’t helping him because there weren’t any TV cameras!
    If Tookie were truly redeemed he would apologize and then tell all gang members that if you kill someone this is the penalty you deserve.
    Farewell Tookie, your 15 minutes of fame gave the cable TV ratings somewhat of boost tonight I suspect (but nothing like OJ who will be on a golf course tomorrow probably!)

  38. I have worked for the California Department of Corrections for 26 years, what kids do you know have read Stanleys book? I have seen untold brutality committed in the name of the “Cause” which is a thin mask for liberal idiots to believe there is a “Cause”
    The simple fact is it is a cover for criminal conduct and shamless self promotion. Do you really think Stanley would have “reformed” himself had he not had some motive for doing so? I seriously doubt it. Soon Tookie will be judged by the real thing. Maybe the guy who he shot in the back will have something to say to him?
    Adios Tookie!

  39. Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams killed those people and there was ballistics evidence traced to his gun. His two friend that he hung out with reported that he confessed to both of them. I am convinced that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams did kill people violently for little or no reason. Regardless of his new jailhouse halo and stuff. He should have thought twice before he killed those people. He referred to the Asian family that he killed as “Buddha-Heads” as he confessed to a friend.
    I am against the death penalty, but I feel that Stanley ‘Tookie’ Williams is most definitely guilty.

  40. Q: What Do Tookie Williams Supporters Chant At Those That Disagree

    A: Racist Sexist Anti-Gay, Right-Wing Bigots Go Away!
    How do they know the political persuasion of pro-death penalty supporters? According to a March 5th, 2004 Field Poll a majority of Democrats support the death penalty….and what does your posit…

  41. my son,
    you are a punk ass nigger who needs to die for bein a stoopid ass. piss off and die. nite nite, sweetie.

  42. Tookie is dead and I am a happy person. After all the guys is nothing but a nigger who killed 4 people. I guess justice is sweet and this son-of-bitch is dead. The world is a better place. I think I will have a beer to celebrate this losers death!

  43. Carmen R,
    Please name one (1) inmate that was executed and later found to be innocent. I’m waiting! Oh! Can’t name any?? I didn’t think so! But, can you name any guilty murderers that got off! Let’s see, does the name O.J or Robert Blake come to mind? Tookie got what he deserved, whether your bleeding heart and people that think like you like it or not! I’m still waiting for that name!

  44. I saw the signs last night claiming the death penatly is racist. But if you look at the chart from, 58% of people executed since 1976 were white and only 34% are black.
    And I really can’t remember any recent Chinese or Indian’s being put to death (not the 7/Eleven type the Casino type).
    So I guess it is racist after all.
    Hey you Chinese….. step it up, your being discriminated !!

  45. The anti-capital punishment folks are correct, the death penalty is no longer a deterent. It used to be when people were executed in about a year, but not when it takes 25 years. Criminals will think twice about an execution in 1 year, but may not believe that they’ll live 25 years anyway.
    I’m not happy about the execution of Mr. Williams. I am content that justice has been served. The system didn’t murder Williams, he committed suicide by legal system. He knew the law and yet he decided to take his own life by taking the lives of others. It is merely up to the system to execute that law.
    We have taken a good step by executing that law, but there are almost 700 inmates on death rown in CA waiting for justice. Let’s turn capital punishment back into a deterent…ding…Next!

  46. Are you kidding? This was a guy who blew half of a woman’s head off and laughed about it. Justice, finally.

  47. I, for one, do not feel any remorse that this evil and vile man has been executed.
    This has nothing to do with race. I am white and had Williams been white I would feel the same. The world is a better place without him and will be without his evil disciples whose time will come. If truly repentant, let his saviour forgive him.
    Not his death, but the time it took to execute him should be examined.
    Now, let’s feel some compassion for his victims who never had the extension of life that he did.

  48. I challange anyone to read through the transcripts of the trial and still believe in Tookie’s innocence. Also, he continuted to be violent in prison and never renounced his membership in the Crips. I am so glad he is dead now. It is too bad it took so long. That is the injustice in this process. He should have never had the last couple of decades to be worshipped by celebrites and bleeding hearts. Hearing of his execution put an extra spring in my step today.

  49. His legacy won’t be one of peace and love, it will be of the gang he created that is responsibe for hundreds if not thousands of innocent deaths. I hope he rots in hell where he belongs. He wasn’t even man enough to admit what he did.

  50. What a great day. One less manipulative murderer using up my taxes. I wonder if Tookie gurgled when he died? I think I’ll laugh for awhile now (actually, I won’t laugh, but my point is made).
    Oh, the death penalty is viable based on religious grounds. Only a self-righteous moron would write otherwise.

  51. Jamie Foxx and Jesse Jackson can blow me…
    “A funeral befitting a statesman”? Are you kidding me? How about the 3 innocent Asian people he killed at the hotel? Where are the people rallying for the rights of the victims families?
    Jamie Foxx, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Joan Baez was there to show support. Support of what? To allow a convicted killer to go free after he killed atleast 4 people? I’ve never seen Jesse Jackson rally for anyone not African American. Aren’t white and Asian murderers able to rehabilitate too? I don’t care how many children’s books he’s written. I don’t care if he’s truly rehabilitated, which he wasn’t.
    He was convicted of 4 murders with a shotgun and for that he was sentenced to death(deservingly). He gunned down a father, mother and their daughter and bragged about it.
    He spoke out against gang violence after he killed some folks, because his ass was caught. It was extremely befitting that he died because that will TRULY teach the youth that Gang Violence leads to death. The lesson he teaches in his execution was the best lesson of all.
    One Pissed Off NO shit taking Asian kid

  52. For a man who decries racism, why does Jesse Jackson always see the need to put in his two cents worth whenever someone black gets in trouble? Could he be a racist himself? A number of years ago in south-central Los Angeles, an Asian convenience store owner was robbed and then shot dead by a young black street punk. Did Jesse Jackson come to L.A. to denounce this heinous crime? No. But things changed many months later when another Asian store owner in L.A. was accused of shooting a black youth who had threatened his life. Who do you think shows up in front of that store two days later in front of a battery of reporters and TV cameras to declare that the killing of that youth was racially motivated? Did you say Jesse Jackson? Right!
    I very much doubt the sincerity of Jesse Jackson and other black leaders who rallied to the cause of Tookie Williams. They expressed their outrage in Tookie’s behalf strictly because he’s black, not because he’s innocent. I mean, if Tookie were Eskimo or Samoan, would they have been equally outraged? I think not.

  53. I think tookie is a spunk and I have to get vaseline when I see pictures of him. Are there any pictures of his butt?

  54. I think black gay rights is the issue. Tookie needed to be analienated. Thats a gay term we in the gay society of black males. What a waste of a spunky bum.

  55. The victims count too
    The recent article about Stanley `Tookie’ Williams, (“A guilty man in search of redemption,” Dec. 11, page 17), was insightful and well-reported by Josh Kleinbaum of the LA Times.
    However, Kleinbaum didn’t have space to mention that the three Taiwanese people who were allegedly murdered in 1979 by Williams — Yen-il Yang, 76, Tsai-shai Yang, 64, and their daughter, Yee-chin Lin, 43, visiting Los Angeles from Taiwan at the time — were gunned down in cold blood. Nor did the reporter have space to note that Robert Yang, the Yang’s son who helped them run a small motel in California, testified at Williams’ trial that when he entered the motel office, after hearing gunshots from another room, he saw his parents and his sister dead or dying as a result of the shots allegedly fired by Williams.
    The reporter also didn’t have space to note that Mrs. Yang emigrated from Taiwan to the US in 1973 in search of a better life, with her husband arriving a short time later to help her run the Brookhaven Motel in Los Angeles or that the Yangs had six children and 10 grandchildren, or that their daughter Yee-chin Lin was married with three children: a 10-year-old daughter, a 13-year-old son, and a 14-year-old son.
    When Williams allegedly shot the Yangs and their daughter, he not only took their lives, he stole the hopes and aspirations of the entire Yang family. When Mrs. Lin’s three children said goodbye to their mother in Taiwan as she left for her short visit to California, little did they know that they would never see her again.
    The issue of capital punishment is complex and complicated. Time ran out for Stanley `Tookie’ Williams, and he is now with God, which is where the two Yangs and their daughter are, too.
    Who’s to say who is right and who is wrong, when it comes to discussing these vexing issues?
    A reporter in Taiwan

  56. Everyone cries Racism! Evil Capitalist America! Boo Hoo…. The only racist here is/was Tookie Williams. This piece of sheet killed the young clerk, Owens – shot him cowardly in the back – because he was white. I guess Mr. Owens deserved since his ancestors wad responsible for slavery and oppression – boo hoo.
    I am so glad Williams is dead and hopefully all of his supporters die of cancer. In fact, Snoop Doody Doo should check his testicles, because I bet a lump is just starting to grow.
    I am surprised MR. Williams did not convert to Islam while in prison like so many black criminals do – why I have no idea, since it was Islam and the Saracens who started the slave trade and introduced it to the Spaniards, but that is another story…I guess Williams realized, that in Islam, punishment for murder is Death. Tookie Williams the ultimate coward and good riddance!

  57. Tookie set a good example for the youths by being executed. Now they know if you kill you will be held accountable for your actions…
    J.Jackson isnt funny how with one side of his mouth he backs up blacks and with the other side he screws them in the ass (fornicates, makes backroom deals w/politicians that impact blacks).. That fuzz lip fake better order his flame retardant suit because that one way ticket to hell is gonna be hot..

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