i lost a reader today

one of my most virilant critics has been a guy named mike. while his comments have sometimes veered into personal attacks he has done a reasonably good job of pointing out the opposing view and some times even supported with good facts. it’s a shame that he’s pissed off to the point of giving up.

i’ve had a lot of fun with this blog and treated it as a place where i can share my ideas and spout off about whatever is on my mind. i’m sorry that some people have found my rants annoying or offensive and that some people wish i’d just keep it to the ‘good stuff’ of internet ideas. i will say you get what you pay for:)

i have included mike’s last paragraph from his comment as he worried i’d delete or burry his comments…

I can continue to shoot holes is every single argument you posit Mark because you throw out ideas and feelings with wanton disregard for facts and history. I read your blog in the past for insights in Internet business. But your half-baked, completely unsupported political and moral blather is too much to take. I bid you adieu. My final request is that you post this on your blog in full view and let the readers decide…but I’m guessing you aren’t one for granting final requests 🙂

4 thoughts on “i lost a reader today

  1. Mark: this is a regular challenge for bloggers (or at least for me). Do you think of “what’s the value propostion for readers” or is it completely personal, ie whatever comes to mind. For personal blogs, I vastly prefer the latter, since we’re all human, and we all have wide ranging interests and opinions.

  2. Let him go =)
    If he cares that much, the unsubscribe button has always been just a click away.
    Personally, I’d like to hear about what kind of startup you’re cooking up next but I imagine some of that has to be kept on the downlow.

  3. i think that guy left that same comment on one of my half-baked, completely unsupported political and moral blathers.
    good riddance

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