halsey minor’s new swivel

i thought my friends at silicon beat were a little tough on halsey minor. apparently, he is relaunching grand central as swivel and they question whether its the conversion of one over complicated model into yet another.

i have known halsey since he and shelby bonnie first wandered the halls of tci pitching us on cnet, the computer cable channel. i felt sorry for them. they were too late. there was no space left for major launches of new cable channels and the 500 channels were going to be available on about 1 million digital settop boxes in about three little markets.

halsey and shelby didnt ever give up even.  two years later i heard they had moved cnet to the fledgling internet, raised money at the then unheard of valuation of $100 million and were launching the biggest ad campaign the web world had ever seen, a grand total of $1 million.

even as cnet grew and broke more rules, launching more sites under multiple new brands like news.com and download.com, i couldnt figure out how they’d ever have a big business selling banner ads. they proved everyone wrong, building a powerhouse company that is one of the few left standing today.

anyway, i have no idea what swivel is (it sounds a bit strange to be offering web services to bloggers who all seem like cheapos to me). but i’ve learned enough to say i wouldnt bet against halsey. if we dont get where he’s headed, if halsey doesnt get where he’s headed, my guess is he’s still somehow getting to the right place before the rest of us.

good luck to halsey and team with the new incarnation.

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