fortune covers craigslist – communism beating capitalism!

my friend adam lashinsky at fortune has another insightful piece, this time on craig and craigslist. he’s gleaned a few great new facts like that they should do $20m in revs this year on $5m in expenses, and really captures the gastalt of craig. thankfully, he cuts the story of craig to a paragraph but we’ll all have to get used to its retelling as he gets increased business press.

also, interestingly, adam gets the founder of stubhub to estimate what craig could be making if he chose to really monetize his traffic – $500 million! of course, if he went for the gold, his users might head for the door.

one does get the feeling reading adam’s story that craig is this pillsbury doughboy giant from ghost busters knocking over buildings (newspaper chains) without even seeing them.

adam talks about the potential of googlebase to attack craig’s base. i dont buy it. i think that classifieds are about quality leads fast and not the most leads, and that craig’s loose sense of community will trump google’s lack of community or humanity. also, he talks about keeping up with technology and new features. helloo!! i tried that one. craig wins because he doesnt change it, so changing faster isnt going to help.

2 thoughts on “fortune covers craigslist – communism beating capitalism!

  1. Craiglist can’t compete with Google. Period. Why? Craiglist is big only in the USA. Google has a strong brand all over the world. Google is aiming at the world. That’s the big difference.

  2. Communism beating capitalism? Based on your numbers, Craigslist has a higher profit margin than Google. Communism is a failed system of government based upon the centralized distribution of wealth. Craig vs. Google is more a pricing strategy than a form of government. If Craig makes it free, then we’ll talk. But on the contrary he has begun charging fees in different areas/categories. I applaud Craig, but communism?

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