Another congressman caught cheating us – when do we call this conspiracy?

Rep cunningham (R. CA) quits house after pleading guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion in accepting $2.4M for steering pentagon work to defense contractor MZM.

And what happens to everyone else involved from the pentagon and MZM?

How many cases of govt corruption do we have to face before admitting that its the system and not a few bad apples?

And if 414 public companies ‘restated’ earnings last year, can we call that a corrupt financial system? Ahold also announced its pating back shareholders over $1 billion for its fraud. That’s just one. There are shareholders at another 413 companies that are still waiting for theirs.

Shouldn’t there be some test applied, beyond which its called a corrupt system?

Can’t we assume that for every one congressman or company caught there are another 10 getting away with it? Or do we believe our justice system is that swift we just catch, try and convict em all?

And why am I a ‘liberal’ for demanding reform? If a conservative is someone fighting to maintain our current system, then you guys better do some repositioning fast before you go down with the ship!

And where is bush and cheney on all this? If they’re not guilty or protecting friends, one might expect to hear a strong repudiation of people like representative cunningham who btw now faces 10 well deserved yrs behind bars.

But we can’t really blame cunningham or his friends in the white house. They’re just mice in the maze following cheese. Its our fault for allowing a system so fraught with potential for interest peddling to persist.

let’s admit one thing, the entire basis of our lobbying system IS influence selling. I’m sure someone can make a case for the good but there’s no way it outweighs the daily corruption.

What would happen if we outlawed lobbyists?
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2 thoughts on “Another congressman caught cheating us – when do we call this conspiracy?

  1. The problem is simple. Cheney awarded $Bs in no-bid contracts to the company he was the largest sharedholder of and the x-CEO. Then, knowing this, the voters voted him back into government. In others words, the electorate doesn’t mind.

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