Walmarts in aspen!

One more thought mo points out, with over 300 million acres of public lands up for grabs we’re one step closer to walmart’s merging with our govt. Just can’t wait to watch all the innovative and never thought of new locations we can have walmarts.

Wow, death valley, aspen, rocky mtn natl park. No more dumb little gift shops or rustic mtn hardware stores. Now we’ll have every day low pricing provided thanks to chinese slave labor available everwhere. Thank god. I’ve always hated going on vacation and not having a walmart nearby.
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One thought on “Walmarts in aspen!

  1. Can’t quite get myself to blame Walmart (at least the management) entirely here. Let me draw the analogy that it’s similar to why I don’t entirely blame the mgmnt of companies for all of their faults.
    Basically, I don’t shop at Walmart on principle, but it appears that a large segment of our country does, no matter how many people’s lives are being destroyed by the net societal ills the company fosters.
    Same w/shareholders of many of these corrupt companies you’ve called out in your blog posts lately. They’re clearly interested in a good return on their money and are unwilling to truly scrutinize the businesses or have unbiased directors watching over their interests. They get pissed when they get defrauded based on fraudulent reporting, but not on the biz practices of the company. Do you hear any Walmart investors complaining about Walmarts’ growth and displacement of community businesses? Not a lick. Go after the institutional sharelholders as they own the company, not management.

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