Todays nytimes reports that the two thirds of congress passed a bill allowing old mining claims to be developed for ‘other’ uses, meaning commercial real estate projects. WTF!!??

They report that this will turn major wilderness areas including hiking trails around colorado’s major peaks into pvt lands.

Our govt has become walmart. We’re selling our souls for a cheaper sweatshirt! This is all done in the name of economic progress. Can anyone say the worlds second oldest profession – buying politicians? Or should we say corrupticians.

Shame on you congress. Shame on us for failing to fight to protect the right of future generations to enjoy what we’ve had. Our grandparents risked their lives, we can’t risk 10 minutes.

I’m disgusted with myself and all of you. Not sure whether we’re better off starting over in another country. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

3 thoughts on “Corrupticians!

  1. All this while robbing current and future generations of an education that might help them combat this nonsense…see my reference blog post about it…
    Crazy. Isn’t there an element of trust in the participating actors of business and gov’t that has to be present for all of these systems to work? If indeed this statement is true, then our institutions are in for some serious problems (beyond those already becoming apparent).

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