How can torture be a topic? Last gasp of an empire?

I wonder how future generations will look back on today’s debate of where and when torturing prisoners is ok. I also wonder how they will view the media coverage and public reaction, both tepid and matter of fact.

Where is the outrage? I mean what the fuck?! Our country has lost its moral compass. How can a free society ever justify torture and denying people due process under the law? I find myself comparing bush and cheney to hitler and stalin.

How can our own leaders threaten to veto measures to stop this barbaric practice? WTF?! Those of you who voted for them should feel deeply ashamed. But you’re not the only ones who suck, we all do!

We live in a country based on protecting the rights of individuals and minorities against the will of the masses, where we cannot accept the idea of even one innocent person facing capital punishment.

This debate between a morally bankrupt, wacko religious nut president and a dispassionate, desensitized media is the most symbolic sign of the decline of the american era. We have given up our position as beacon of freedom, shining example to the rest of the world.

I’m embarassed to be an american. Embarassed to pretend we are a decent country when our actions say we suck. How are we any better than the germans who stood by while hitler made it morally ok for a govt to commit genocide?

How will we defend ourselves to future generations? I’d like to hear from a christian righter how they can justify this?

How will we feel when foreign govts torture our military and civilians? Outraged? Are we better?

Ok, ill stop. but think about it for just one minute. Do we want to be the last generation of a great experiment? The one that fucked it up? The one that moved backward? Will some kids watch an epic series a thousand years from now called “America” in amazement at how far back we set the world after so much promise?

We need a revolution. When will the ants rise up and over run the republican ramparts? And when this does happen how will we defend democracy from the democrats who are barely a better alternative? Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

3 thoughts on “How can torture be a topic? Last gasp of an empire?

  1. Guantanamo is a national disgrace on many levels. I was shocked that there wasn’t more outrage when Jose Padilla, regardless of guilt or innocence, wasn’t afforded the basic rights under the Constitution.
    But this President has demonstrated total disregard for the Framers by even suggesting that his personal attorney was an appropriate candidate in spite of the obvious ethical issues involved.

  2. What nonsense! … I’m sorry you feel that our elimination of dictatorial control over two countries (one responsible for systematic extermination of hundreds of thousands, the other easily the most repressive in the world), enabling democratic reform, rule of law, etc. can earn comparisons to Hitler and Stalin in your simple mind. How pathetic.
    If you want to argue whether terrorists, captured on the battlefield, are entitled to U.S. Constitutional rights- you better come prepared for a long discussion. That is a ridiculous concept. Am I against torture- of course, who isn’t- but the question remains how do we treat an enemy that is not responsible to any nation, but an ideology?
    Geneva, and any other International Convention, were not set up for this form of warfare. You are dealing with an enemy that has systematically unleashed suicide missions all over the world. They cowardly target civilians to terrorize and inflict the worst form of reaction from a government- appeasement. Putting aside the WMD argument (falling into the wrong hands and killing thousands of innocents), do you really think that tying our hands, in interrogating terrorists, who may have knowledge that helps prevent losses similar to those experienced on 9/11 is smart policy? If you say yes, then check your head. Thousands of innocent civilians vs. the rights of a terrorist…hmm?
    If you want to have a serious debate, pose a solution. Otherwise, the moral indignation you pose is sickening.

  3. A Word on Torture

    That about sums it up, doesnt it? While the religious conservatives running the country seem to value the US Declaration of Independence for Jeffersons religious language within the document, they have by their actions de…

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