Catastophic failure – losing half your email

A horrible life shattering thing happened to me yesterday (a bit melodramatic but just listen). I learned from my IT guy that I have not been receiving email to one of my addresses for 3 months!

This may not sound like that big a deal until you realize the amount of social impact email now carries. I was getting really angry with how unresponsive people had become. I started to wonder subconciously whether people had written me off in some way. I was close to firing my accountant and realtor. Yet it never occured to me that I was missing mail.

In the back of my mind I started keeping running track of the carious people who had never responded to questions or pings.

Course the other side of this is all the people who must think I’m an asshole for never responding to their msgs.

Now on the plane and about to face 2-3,000 msgs. So to everyone who has found me unresponsive, sorry. Just hope this never happens to you. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

One thought on “Catastophic failure – losing half your email

  1. Okay, that’s bad, but you know what’s *FAR* worse? Losing e-mail and:
    1) Not knowing who wrote you
    2) Not having a way to get it back
    I remember a while back, I had just done a major resume-sending-out blitz, and two days later my stupid Web hosting company at the time pulled the plug on my sites (which included my resume) and my e-mail (referenced in my cover letter!) due to a mistaken-identity case of “spamming.”
    My sites and mail went back up about 30 hours later, but I had no way of knowing what mail they bounced in the meantime.
    Granted, that’s just over a day, but still… I think lost is worse than delayed when it comes to delay by an order of magnitude.

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