Another one bites the dust!

The courts convicted one of healthsouth’s top execs for fraud in mis-stating $2.7 billion in earnings. Get this, his name is hannibal crumpler. (Are they making this stuff up?)

Here’s what I don’t get, this comes 5 months after the former ceo, richard scrushy, was acquitted.

Anyone who reads my blog knows how passionate I am about seeing the SEC serve investors by making all these execs pay their illegal profits back.

But are we really supposed to believe that a top exec is guilty (facing 15 yrs) while the ceo knew nothing? No fucking way!

And what about this slushy guy? Maybe now he’ll emerge as a major player in the dem party like gary winnick.

It is truly amazing how often we see that, isn’t it? I mean one might think the courts are victimizing the very citizens who care most about our govt!
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