See the Walmart movie – “more work from less ants”

i saw "walmart the high cost of low price" tonight and was shocked by how evil this company really is. we’ve all had some sense that walmart has been a bad corporate citizen by paying its employees so little they have to get welfare and medicaid. somehow i wrote this off that walmart was just the scapegoat for anger against all minimum wage employers who cant afford decent benefits.

go see this movie. it should be called "when capitalism goes bad". i am a staunch free market believer, but the deplorable actions of this company make me question my own philosophies. the movie takes us through countless inteviews with disguntled former employees outlining a clear picture of a corrupt company focused on nothing but the bottom line and wealth creation for the walton family and top management.

you can always write off angry employees, but not judges who have awarded millions in damages against walmart for breaking environmental laws, failing to provide adequate security in its parking lots even after its own reports found this would totally stop the murder and rape that seem to have become commonplace. apparently, there have been dozens nationwide in the first half of 2005 alone.

the film takes us to china where employees complain of harsh treatment, 14 hour work days, being told to lie to inspectors about their 7 day work weeks, being forced to live in squalor/dorms that they are charged for even if they choose not to.

more reasons to hate walmart…

  • walmart systematically fights unions by filming, firing and intimidating employees.
  • walmart regularly receives subsidies from towns that independent businesses are never offered only to move out of the town limits once they are supposed to start paying back.
  • the walton family collectively worth $100 billion, has given less than 1% of their money to charity while bill gates has dontated 58%.
  • walmart employees gave $5 million for hurricane and other relief for fellow employees while the waltons donated $6,000
  • walmart costs US taxpayers an estimated $3 billion annually in additional welfare, medicaid and public assistance to its employees.
  • walmart is currently the defendant in the nation’s largest class action suit by 1.8 million women claiming they were denied equal pay.
  • walmart has been voted out or denied zoning in 100’s of small towns who fear its horrible effects on their communities and has attempted to go around city councils by buying referendums (and mostly failed!).
  • the ceo earned $27 million last year while the average employee made $12,000
  • the company claims in commercials that it ‘attempts to’ buy american products while importing $18 billion annually from china.
  • it has been accused of fostering the worst working conditions in bangladesh

my questions for anyone who supports this evil corporation through shopping or stock ownership are

are you aware how fucking evil this company is?

if you are, how can you support it?

hello! wake up! you get what you pay for!

how do you think they managed to sell you a sweatshirt for $5.00?

there is a great reference to the revolution of the ants in the film too. a worker talks about how walmart makes its money on the backs of the ants. see, one of its corporate policies is that store managers have to reduce costs every month. only one way to that, get more work from less ants!

4 thoughts on “See the Walmart movie – “more work from less ants”

  1. I have not had the chance to see this film but the media comments are all about the same. Yes i feel bad for the oversea’s workers and the the harsh conditions they undergo. I also feel for the US workers for such a corrupt company. One figure that i have not seen is how much it is costing the US in hring oversea’s. Taking away American labor. My parents own a scrap metal bus. I remember what the forien trade did to there bus. I personaly don’t shop at Walmart, because I try not to support outside business. All are welcome the US so we support forigners on welfare and give jobs to oversea workers and keep those people supressed.

  2. wake up people, walmart didnt put mom and pop shops out of business, the average american did. if people didnt like shopping there wmt wouldnt make money and they wouldnt keep growing. they are giving americans what they want, and they want more. its the culture, its in the people. the people have always wanted it, wmt provided it. if they didnt do it, someone else would have eventually came in and did it. perhaps a foreign company. at least we know a huge chunk of the sales are staying here in the states via taxes.

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