6A customer love!

Some companies turn adversity into branding coups while others make them worse. The team at six apart took the ballsy step to ‘own’ their performace problems and offer their users the chance to decide how bad it was and act honestly in deciding themselves what was a fair compensation.

6A sent an email today to all paying customers offering three choices including 30 and 45 days credit. This company is working at a much higher level of customer care and transparent honesty.

All I can say is I’m impressed.

Maybe the ceo of sonos (and BMW for that matter) can study this company both for its ability to rapidly assess and respond as well as for owning its problems.

I’ve always wished I were an investor in 6A. Now I really do. Sent wirelessly via BlackBerry from T-Mobile.

3 thoughts on “6A customer love!

  1. Customer Service Matters

    Well I’m annoyed with the outages but I’m glad that Six Apart is doing something for their customers. Here’s an image that 37 Signals put up. Mark Pincus says it better than I could. Customer Service Matters.

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