merkley??? – the most creative blog i read

my new friend merkley??? (he adds the questions not me) has a blog you should all read. it’s perspectives are refreshing to say the least, sometimes offensive (though never to me) and usually full of hot girls he regularly photographs. he has quickly joined my short list of must read blogs. i am reposting some of his most rant (and i do mean rant!). also, you have to really see his blog to get the level of ‘differnce’ and creativity that makes up merkley???

Dear Retard That Voted For The Ban On Hand Guns

By merkley???


ay to fucking go you stupid turdbrained moron.

Ask yourself one very fucking easy question that even your average booger munching retard can answer correctly.

Do criminals obey the law?

NO you deficient fucking poobrained dolt! Outlawing guns only
ensures that bad ass criminals will have them and NOBODY ELSE! DUH.

Holy fucking fuck you really are a dimwitted doof if you voted for
this. Seriously, what the fuck happened to you to make you so insanely
stupid? Were you trapped in the birth canal too long? Did you drink a
gallon of brain remover?

You are so stupid you’re a danger to yourself and ME. Holy Crap!
What if your stupidity is so intense that it rubs off on me? Get away
from me you contagious brain dead ignoramus! I can smell your
stupidity. Holy shit I can even see it! It’s like cartoon green wavy
stink lines coming off your stupid stupid stupid stupid body.

Listen here dumbfuck. Study any place — ANY PLACE that has ever
banned guns like this and look at the crime rates — they go UP EVERY

One thought on “merkley??? – the most creative blog i read

  1. nice find. just added to my bloglines. will be a nice break from my typical search/blog/web 2.0 related feeds!
    that’s the kind of guy/blog that will become a dominant “Internet personality – we’re really yet to establish one which is kind of strange. who is the howard stern of the web?

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