Pink Floyd laser show is awesome!

i went to the pink floyd laser show last night and highly recommend it. playing right now in sf at the palace of fine arts. the show description below does a much better job. what i will say is there is some urban legend that ‘dark side of the moon’ is perfectly sync’d to ‘the wizard of oz’ and they do show parts of the film which in itself is a weird bit of our collective history, especially the black and white beginning which looks so old at this point it’s scary in more ways than originally intended. it’s also true that some of the dancing scenes seem perfectly sync’d.  it does help to be seriously stoned but my girlfriend, mo, wasnt and still enjoyed it:)

The Pink Floyd Laser Show is a true testament to
the leaps and bounds that our society has made in the field of lighting
and theater. Set to the atmospheric sounds and landscapes that Pink
Floyd created throughout their career, The Pink Floyd Laser Show allows
fans the unique experience of hearing their favorite songs orchestrated
by a science fiction style light show. The Pink Floyd Light Show will
be a true experience that any Pink Floyd fan will enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Pink Floyd laser show is awesome!

  1. Hey if you can im me about the show I am going tomorrow night in Atlanta wanna know what to expect!

  2. I make my own Floyd laser show whenever I want… with my Laservibe:
    It’s a personal home laser show system, cheap enough for even me to buy and it hooks right up to my system and voila, Floyd laser show in my basement!

  3. Laser animation pretty much well started with groups like Pink Floyd and the two complement each other so well.
    I can’t imagine one without the other!
    Good to hear a nice review about the show.

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