Ticketmaster is a spammer – how can we fight back?

how often have we all gone through this? you are forced to give a ‘real’ email address to buy something online. you are careful to say no to every hidden marketing offer. yet still craft loopholes to bombard you daily with their ridiculous offers. isnt ticketmaster part of barry diller’s empire? shouldnt he be accountable for the actions of one of his companies? i would have liked to ask him this at the web 2.0 conference, even though it wouldnt have been polite and respectful.

what they do now is bury this language in the fine print you couldnt possible have time to read and then remind you in size 6 font at the bottom of their spam that you were stupid enough to give them this right. where’s the EFF? where’s the ‘peer produced system’ to fight back?

is this really a fair trade practice? if ticketmaster has the monopoly on selling tickets for an even you want to attend then you have no choice but to give them the right to sell you into spam-mail slavery.

“As a Ticketmaster user, you agreed that Ticketmaster may contact you by email or other means and use and disclose the information you submit, as described in the Ticketmaster Privacy Policy. If you would like to opt-out of receiving a particular type of email at this email address then please visit My Account and indicate your preferences. Please note that you may still receive emails from those who provide events (e.g., venues, teams, artists, promoters and leagues) to whom Ticketmaster provides your email address as described in the Ticketmaster Privacy Policy.”

when are we going to collectively wake up and start holding these companies and their ceo’s accountable?

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