Feed Editors?

fred has a great insight on how our attention is getting zapped by the overload of feeds. at first it was amazing to be able to tap into so many other people’s brains. but it’s starting to feel overwhelming. must be what it’s like for a pyschic hearing too many channels. just yesterday i created a ‘short list’ of feeds i like to read daily as opposed to keep up with.

i’ve thought for a while that the next iteration of these feeds would be ‘feed editors’. it’s already kind of happening. but isnt this what commercial media and niche mags have always been for? i remember when interactive week came out. i was so happy to get a weekly mag that could update me on all i should be following. i’m sure in the near future someone will emerge as my web 2.0 zine and another for my new media vc and another for my emerging democracy. the key though will be people doing this professionally and reliably. they will alert me daily and weekly to all the great ideas and conversations i should know about. the problem is probably that they cant make enough money yet to do this full time.

but it does seem like a much easier proposition that weblogs, inc trying to do primary reporting. wonder why nobody is creating the meta reporting company, kind of about meets weblogs.

4 thoughts on “Feed Editors?

  1. Hey Mark,
    I commented before on our crawling policy but perhaps you missed my comment (reposted below). FWIW, Oodle did start out with a buy-side vision. Let’s grab a coffee soon…
    Thanks for highlighting my response.
    People can crawl our site as long as they 1.) want to send traffic to my site and 2.) do it appropriately by following robots.txt (www.oodle.com/robots.txt). Moreover, if they want to display the results of the RSS feeds that we syndicate (which don’t send traffic to our site), I’m okay with that too as long as it isn’t excessive and they provide attribution.
    I absolutely agree that Jim Buckmaster has every right to have us not index Craiglist. I’ve said this consistently in my blog and to the press. Search is and should be an opt-out medium.
    That said, I can believe this (and honor Jim’s request) but also disagree with him. I firmly believe that what we’re doing is good for consumers trying to buy/rent things using online classifieds, good for the people/businesses placing classifieds ads, and good for the sites that publish those ads.
    I look forward to indexing GoogleBase classified listings and expect that it will be allowed. To see what you can currently crawl in Google check out http://www.google.com/robots.txt.
    Best, Craig

  2. Mark:
    This is a HUGE need, I beleive, and will only increase as more and more bloggers join in with smart opinions we’d all like to read and absorb.
    I just posted about a notion of a “Blogpaper every morning, afternoon, evening and night” which can help us to focus on the most relevant stuff. See more here: http://www.trgtd.com. Adding a human component to edit might be a good add-on that we have not thought about as yet. I’ll definitely let you know when we launch the beta for trgtd.com.

  3. Apparently GoDaddy is run like a military bootcamp. (a buddy of mine has some friends who work there – up in Scottsdale)
    If you are caught smoking (even on your lunch break) in the parking lot, you are fired immediately.
    They have security guards that are ex-marine walking around the compound like it’s nobodies business.
    We need a sexy web 2.0 ajaxified registrar, that’s as cheap as GoDaddy =)

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