Problems with typepad

like other typepad users i’ve been dealing with annoying server problems. i got really pissed at one point because i have been losing entire posts when the server post page isnt found. i’ve also found that many posts go up twice because i have to hit the stop and submit so many times to publish. the team was very responsive and i was assured this was an isolated incident. subsequently, the ceo, barak, sent out a great note letting us all know about the hosting problems the company has been experiencing. i always applaud ceo’s for being forthright with their customers.

however, here’s what bothers me and i know it’s a really tough question. i like the company. i love their story and authenticity. but i also dont feel it’s fair for me to pay my $14.95 a month even when i have to experience all these server problems. if i didnt like the company so much, i’d probably leave the service even though the hurdle is so high in moving your content and then getting ‘found’ again. my google page still goes to my old blogger blog. this does make me think i’d be better off hosting my own blog and not being subject to the vagaries of another company.

as much as i like the company, i think 6A has to do more right now for its loyal customers who by the way give them marketing promotion every day that we post and add more viewers and potential blog customers to the platform footprint. i dont know what is appropriate but a sincere letter isnt enough for me.

5 thoughts on “Problems with typepad

  1. I spent an hour fooling with a post do their servers today- instead of 10 minutes.
    There is nobody to call either.

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