Dave Winer’s comment

Dave winer beats me (really, silicon valley) up in his comment to my web 2.0 love post for being arrogant and dismissing critics rather than learning to listen. He evn slings today’s harshest label, saying I acted like a ‘republican’. Ouch dave!

I agree with dave that we need to listen and not dismiss critics, however, its hard to read a lot into criticism that goes beyond superficial statements that this ‘feels like a bubble’. If the reporter was pointing excess like crazy bplans getting funding or valuations that have no basis it would be easier to internalize.

I don’t think my personal attack on mr heilemann was appropriate and I’m learning that the immediacy of this medium can let us hang ourselves quickly.

However, I also don’t agree with dave’s assessment that silicon valley is a bunch of arrogant techheads who don’t listen. True, they exist and maybe give the place a bad name, but it seems to me that successful consumer products like the ipod and google search came from astute people listening a lot harder.
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One thought on “Dave Winer’s comment

  1. Interesting point about “learning that the immediacy of this medium can let us hang ourselves quickly.” I’ve recently been feeling that…it’s now so easy to respond to things quickly that our impulse reactions better be right or our keystrokes will have us saying things we regret. Being able to play devil’s advocate for yourself without losing your conviction or balls is an important balancing act these days.

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