Where’s the love for web 2.0?

I’m reading john heilemann’s piece in new york magazine about ‘diller’s foxy strategy’ and amazed that a journalist could in one article be so critical and dismissive of silicon valley’s ‘kacki clad vc’s chasing prepubescent entrepreneurs’ and so shamelessly, breathlessly admiring of barry diller who is ‘the one’ to figure out new media, with his ‘fuck you bluntness’ and unique ability to figure out these new competitive markets as he did with fox network which is ‘an inescapable’ analogy.

Pahlease! Cleearly this heilemann is doing a great job of ass kissing in hopes of working for ‘scary barry’ who can still be the ‘charming anti visionary flopping on the couch’. (Is that a compliment now? [striking this comment as i went a bit too far. sorry to mr heilemann for any personal level i brought this to.]

He rags on the web 2.0 conference which is clearly a bubble in the making that is obsessed with google ‘the new netscape’ while praising barry for his brilliant curageous forsight in buying ask jeeves. Let’s see, isn’t it cnn and all media that’s obsessed with goog for blowing away its quartertly numbers and sending its market cap to 100B?

Now I also admire diller and enjoy seeing his moves and agree he may show up against google, but don’t see why this praise should be at the expense of a lot of other smart people, including jason calcanis who this reporter seems to hate, saying his ‘web 1.0 flameout was a comforting sign there was some justice in the world’. Hey john, why don’t you just admit you’re jealous of jason’s success and why don’t you praise his fuck you attitude too?

John seems to forget that the media like him built a lot of the hype of bubble 1.0 and enjoyed publicizing the fall too. He fails to report on how much self consciousness silicon valley has about web 1.0 as if it should appologize for something.

The truth is I’m proud to be an active participant in an industry that has helped keep america a world leader, that has enabled millions of people to enhance their lives through the kind of self empowerment that pierre omidyar created at ebay and continues to invest his billions in.

I’m happy to see silicon valley getting back to its core mission, that of creating and testing lots of new ideas. I’m happy for google’s success and the amount of investment that that will bring back to this very necessary american endeavor.

I’m sure this round will see its share of ‘dumb’ ideas (defined as those that were bold and failed), and I’m sure ‘playas’ like barry will be around to scoop up those ‘smart’ ideas that do turn into useful new services. I’m also sure that reporters like mr heilemann will be there to chronical barry’s brilliance. I only hope he might find a bit more compassion, empathy and even admiration for the scores of hard working creative risk takers who have to make it without the luxury of barry’s billions. Those who fail are just as important as those who make it.
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4 thoughts on “Where’s the love for web 2.0?

  1. Right on.
    Diller struck me as the one guy who spoke who didn’t get it. Of course, that’s not his job, his people do, but they won’t get the news to him until it’s too late.
    And I can’t believe you wrote this on a blackberry.

  2. It’s so typical of the valley attitude to dismiss a critic by saying he has a conflict of interest. It’s also a very Republican thing to do.
    I spent 2.5 years on the east coast because I couldn’t stand the idiotic arrogance of this place. He’s right about Google, they’re a reincarnation of every shitty behemoth that this place has spawned. They think they understand media better than NY, well I don’t think they do.
    I’m a technologist, and I came back to try to make it work, but if it’s going to work, you have to open your minds to opther points of view. The east coast has a lot more money that the valley does, and it knows what it does much better than the valley knows what *it* does.
    We need to focus on supplying technology to them, and listen better, and stop trying to tell them how they fit into our view of the world, because that is a recipe for oblivion.

  3. Dave winer, You f..king idiot, go back to east coast. We are all tired of your arrogance, not Googles.

  4. Dave,
    It doesn’t seem that Mark knows Heileman’s background, but you certainly do. The sorts of things that Mark originally accused him of are exactly the sorts of things that others have accused him of in the past. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but how many times does the wind have to blow in the same direction before one begins to wonder ….

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