Who’s reading my blog…

ok, so i got a few people who told me i should just go set up feeds on feedburner which i will do. it was nice to hear from a bunch of people that i know and dont that they follow my blog. maybe typepad or someone else should offer a guestbook, which would be a lighter way to say ‘hi’ than leaving comments. it would also be nice if there was a feature in blog readers that would let people immediately comment back without having to go back to the blog and comment.

i’ve had about 37 people email me back with the majority saying they get my RSS. it’s cool to get all the emails from everyone. you start to wonder if anyone is actually listening and then it’s a bit weird  and really cool to find out some are!

the numbers. sounds like i have 92 subscribers through bloglines and 18 through newsgator plus about 100 page views a day. what’s interesting is that i ran into so many people at web 2.0 who had read my blog. i guess i will have a lot more influence on the idea economy than the actual one:)

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